Thursday, January 22, 2009

Technology Amazes Me

So today is day 16. I am getting through this.
Anyway today's post is about my amazement with technology. I am telling you it is awesome. I get so excited.

First we bought a GPS this past weekend. This thing is so much fun. I like to use it going to places that I full well know how to get to just because I enjoy hearing it talk. haha It is far to much fun.

Then my dvr. I love that thing. I never watch tv when it is really on.  But recently I had been having issues. Like my Dvr would chose not to record some stuff. Who needs a dvr that trys to pick what you watch?!  So I call up Direct TV....and they were awesome. The guy was so patient and he walked me through like 8 different ways to fix it. And now..... all better!

And my last amazement of technology for the day....

I went to Target with my friend Tracey. But this wasn't just any old was like the Super Target of all Super Targets. It was awesome. It had it's own parking garage. Now here comes the super fun part. In the parking garages there are escalators, perfect for moving people.
 Now you may ask, "but Amanda I am shopping....what if I have a cart full of stuff."
I to had a similar question.....until I saw this....

Yes! it is an escalator for shopping carts! How cool is that. I wanted to ride up it in a shopping cart, but Tracey reminded me that wasn't the best idea. I was mesmorized. 

I guess the little things entertain me. haha

Anyway hope everyone had a great day!
JMS- ilu monkey!



Amy said...

That is the coolest thing I've ever seen!!!

Young Love said...

That is so cool. I wanna ride up in a shopping cart too!

Colleen said...

I woulda let you ride up in a shopping cart. Because I would have been right behind you!