Monday, January 9, 2012

Ten on....

So I need to update more. That is obvious. I knew I wouldn't be able to on Tuesday so you are getting a 10 on Monday post. haha.

1. Work is crazy busy. It keeps me distracted.

2. I learned that advertising on a Spanish radio station brings great success where I am. Pretty excited about that.

3. Jack is amazing. He does whatever I put on our to-do list so that by the time the weekend comes I have hardly anything to do. I love it.

4. I feel like Baby A grows while I am at work during the day. No bueno.

5. Bentley is insane. He teases the dogs across the hall. I feel bad for them.

6. Jack and I are going to Universal with some friends in 2 weeks. Super excited. Thank you to our awesome neighbor who is giving us tickets. Hopefully Bentley stops annoying her dogs.

7. I met an older gentleman at church that went to the same college I did. It made me smile.

8. I really need to get on planning A's baptism. Next post I need to have something done for that. If I don't please feel free to call me out on it.

9. My office is next to the shadiest gas station ever. No lie. The place sells male enhancement pills which it advertises on the door and places next to the Dr. Pepper. Its weird. They also have a whole case of supposed tobacco pipes. Pretty sure that they aren't "for tobaco only" as the sign says.

10. I am done getting tickets of any kind. Apparently running a toll in FL will cost a whole lot more than the toll. I bought a second e-pass. Not paying an additional $205 because I was dumb and forgot to look what car the e-pass is in ever again.

Hope everyone has a great week.

JMS- super proud of you. ilu!!


Saturday, January 7, 2012


So I didn't do a post with pictures to review last year, I will at some point. But I figured I should talk a little bit about 2012 and whats in store for us. We have some goals as a family and I have some goals personally.
So my 2012 goals ( I don't like the term resolutions) are as follows.

- Be the best mom, wife, friend I can be. Pretty sure that one is self explainatory but I strive to do this all the time.

- Learn Spanish - this is a necessitity. I need it for work and I am realizing this more and more each day. Time to stop saying I will learn and actually do it.

- See Jack get his bachelors. He is so close. This year he will finish school. I couldn't be more proud of him.

- Travel to Buffalo to snuggle my new nephew, little man. Already have that one planned out.

- Save more money. Jack and I are really working on this one. We, while I, have become really into planning our budgets and finances. I have realized we really need to work on our savings and retirement funds. So in 2012 that is what we will be doing.

So yeah that is our 2012 goals. We are hoping to accomplish them. My life list is slowly getting accomplished. A little more each day.

Hope 2012 is a good year for everyone.

J- ilu



I know it has been a bit since I last posted. A lot has happened. I went back to work and have been insanely busy. We also said goodbye to someone that we love dearly. .

Our goddaughter Addie is an angel now and it saddens Jack and I deeply. She was a light in our lives. So happy and bright and beautiful. Unfortunately in mid December Addie became an angel. She went to be with the Lord. She did save 3 others before she left us in this life. She is now living another life with God. And I know that someday Jack and I will see her again. That gives us a bit of comfort, that and the fact that Aubrey was lucky enough to meet her before she passed. At 16 months old Addie was an inspiration and light for so many. I know I was honored to have known and loved her for as long as we did.

As much I as I say all this, it doesn't make her going to be with God any easier. It doesn't make us any less sad. The tears flow at times when I think no one is around. I try to stay strong for our friends but I won't say its easy. I will say though that I will do what I can to help our friends through this and my husband.

I don't know that anyone knows what to say when God brings such a little angel home. I think that are no words for that. Only prayers and thoughts of comfort. Thats all I can think to do.

It does remind me to tell those I love that I love them often. You can't say it enough. I ask myself did I tell Addie I loved her enough, did she know. I know she did but I can't help but think if I could have only told her one more time. I also think its important to let your friends know that you are there for whatever they need, even if thats just sitting in silence. Jack and I have tried to be the best friends we could be through everything. I hope we have been able to bring some comfort.

Tonight I was saddened to learn of the passing of a dear friend's mother. I am hoping and praying that our friends will be able to find comfort in the times ahead. I feel like there has been enough hardship for now and am looking forward to better times. They have to be coming right?

I promise to work on updating this blog more. Baby A is growing and doing so much. I will post happy posts again soon.

I hope all is well with everyone.

JMS- ironman again! So proud of you!