Thursday, January 8, 2009

it officially started

So the deployment has officially begun. Jack left yesterday. I have never felt so empty in my life. My heart broke as that bus pulled away. I miss him terribly already. Everyone tells me that the first day is the worst, and I got through that...with minimal crying.

That's the weird thing... the crying. I cry at random times, and by random, I mean really random. Like yesterday I was at the grocery store. I was buying milk. I went to put the half gallon in the cart as opposed to the gallon, which I would normally get if he were here, and I started crying, in the middle of Publix. Crazy right!

It helps that I have some awesome friends here to support me. I can't tell you how thankful I am for that. Yesterday Tracey and her super cute son Cameron took me out for dinner, to help take my mind off things. Some of my other friends have sent amazing messages and words of support. They are all so greatly appreciated.

I figure I got this deployment. I am stronger and I will take it. 
so a quick open letter to the deployment, before I go back to talking to my amazing husband (and after my new found addiction...scrapbooking...more to come on that later)

Dear Deployment:
This is notice that I am going to kick your butt. You and I aren't friends, and I am going to win this game.
I don't like you.
Thank you,

So Jack...I know you read this... I love you monkey.....and remember...we are stronger than any deployment.

Talk to y'all later!

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Amy said...

It's the little things that suck! A couple months ago, Sonic had a deal that was basically a meal for 2 for like 7 bucks or something and I thought "that's a really good deal!" then i remembered that there's only one of me and I couldn't even begin to eat that much food and I got so sad! :( Just know you're not alone on being sad over little things. :)