Monday, January 26, 2009

Day 19 and 20

20 days done.  Lots of news today to.

First Jack just told me that he saw the Commandant of the Marine Corps today. How exciting is that. Apparently they were running on treadmills next to one another. So yeah for that.

Now on to my past two days. Not sure I didn't post yesterday, oh yeah I was exhausted. I don't what it is lately. I am tired all the time. I feel like I never sleep, when clearly all I do is sleep. Its kind of crazy. I either eat or sleep. And lately all I have wanted is red meat, which is weird because I don't eat red meat. That's some insanity.

So its official. We have an offer on the house. My realtor is taking care of the paperwork and what not. I am excited about it. This definitely went a lot faster than I thought it would. So that is good.

Today was an interesting day that involved me getting my brakes fixed. The thing is I had just gotten them fixed in October, but they were squeaking so bad. I took it back and the guy was like "we'll look". I asked what could be causing this and he proceeded to tell me that they had put the wrong pads on the first time. I asked him if this could have caused a problem and he said possibly. I freaked. Are you kidding me!!?!! I mean come on, you screw up and you are just like possibly. I was mad.
So when I said I needed all this other stuff, I flat out told him I would get another opinion and take it somewhere else, as they obviously didn't fix my car right the first time. People are insane.

Now for the pictures:
Yesterday Kobe and Seneca were being so sweet. They were loving on each other...something that never happens. Of course every time I tried to get a picture they moved. Here are my attempts.
Day 19

Day 20
Yeah for getting mail!!! I love it. Especially when it is pictures of my super cute niece and nephew! Today's picture is the awesome smile I got in my mailbox today!

It's blurry cause it is a picture of a picture....Sorry!

Hope everyone has a great day.

JMS- I love you and I miss you. 


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oorahwife08 said...

Austin gets to meet the Commandant on Friday! He's coming to their Mark 19 range down at Lejeune to see them do whatever it is that they do. Congrats on the offer!