Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Weekend...

So we had a great weekend... it was definitely necessary after the not so great news we had been getting. It was something that definitely helped pick the mood around here.

Let me tell you what happened this weekend.

First friday night Jack and I went to visit his parents. His mom told him about a race the next morning. Jack decided to run in it. Mind you this was 7:00pm on Friday night. Registration for the race started at 6:30am. Jack immeadiately got nervous, complaining that he hadnt eaten right and what not. So we go to Subway get some dinner and head home. Saturday morning we wake up at 5:30, get stuff together and head over to the race. Jack's nerves are still weren't settled. We start looking at the competition. Jack is now nervous because he doesn't have flat shoes and he didn't eat the best.

So the race starts and Jack takes off. He is leading the pack the whole way... and by leading the pack I mean insanely far ahead of the pack. He ends up winning the race, coming in at 17:21, which for Jack he wasn't happy with the time but he won. The second place finisher didn't come in until over 18 minutes. So basically Jack smoked the competition. He almost ran over the pace car, with Shamu in it. haha.

He won a huge trophy, and by huge I mean taller than me, its crazy. It almost didn't fit in the car. Oh and he also won a mani/pedi, which he obvioulsy gave to me. haha.

So then Sunday comes and we find out the cutting scores for motor t. Not going to lie both Jack and I were nervous. Jack has been working for Sgt for quite some time. His cutting score is a 1743. So we started looking and manpower finally listed the scores... to pick up Sgt in Motor T ... the needed cutting score... was ready for it.... ready.... 1728!!! So yes Jack picked up!!!!! So insanely excited for him. He asked me to pin him. I am just so beyond proud. So now I am married to a Sergant!!!!!

So yeah after a tough weekend last weekend... we had a great weekend this weekend. So proud of my husband.

So yeah... thats us this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

JMS- so incredibly proud of you. ilu



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And sleep is optional

Yeah the title of this blog pretty much sums up my past week or so. Best part is it will most likely sum up my next few weeks. Amazing huh?
With work being crazy busy and trying to make time for Jack and family and friends, I have chosen to forgo sleep. I mean really I can always sleep later right? Yeah thats what I keep telling myself. Its not quite working.

So now... on to 10 on Tuesday... only a day late.

1. Work is insane. Thats the best way I can describe it. Insane. I am thinking I spend more time at work lately than anything else. Such is life I guess.

2. My nephew is incredibly inventive. The kid is smart. He absolutely charged people a toll of $.25 to go through a door at a reception following a memorial service. He made $17. Who said 5 year olds can't make money.

3. Kids can absolutely lighten the mood to anything. My niece Clara is absolutely hysterical. And adorable.

4. Flying is no fun. It never has been and pretty sure it never will be. When I am on a plane and trying to sleep... please don't talk to me.. I put in my ipod headphones so I didn't have to listen..... yeah... people tend to not get the message.

5. My dog had so much fun on vacation he wouldn't even go to Jack when he went to pick him up. Craziness. Thanks again Kate and Brittany!

6. Apparently Jack and I have a lot of garbage. I swear we take the garbage out at least every other day. Not sure how that is happening.

7. Definitely over people not being able to fill out a background check correctly. Honestly how hard is it after I explain it step by freaking step.

8. Arguing with someone is in charge of whether or not you have a job is not a good idea. Just don't do it. It never ends well.

9. Traveling and temperature changes lead to sickness for me. No fun.

10. My dog is definitely a mama's boy. As I write this he is sitting on my lap snuggling. Silly Bentley.

So hope everyone is having a good week!

JMS - ilu


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

going home

So as I write this I am delaying packing for Buffalo. See it isn't that I don't want to go to Buffalo. I do want to go, just not for this reason. The other thing is how do you know what to pack to wear to your own niece's funeral? I mean how am I supposed to know these things. This isn't supposed to happen.

Nicole was born too early and with so much fight. She had to fight, and fight hard. And she did for 3 days. But her little heart couldn't do it. She left to be with the angels. It doesn't make it any easier. And nor does it make me anymore accepting of the fact that she has gone to be with God.

I guess this whole post started off as a ramble. I have a purpose to this I swear. You see I am writing because I am mad. I am mad at God. I don't see why my niece, my sweet little innocent niece had to be the angel for another family. Why her death, which will lead to research, has to benefit another family, when it is hurting my family so much. I just don't understand. I know it is not made for me to understand. I know I am not supposed to know. I know He has a plan but it doesn't make me any less angry about it.

I just am not sure where my thoughts are on this one. I know that Nicole's going home ( I absolutely refuse to use passing away, or death) was a way to make our family grow stronger. Nicole has gone home to be with the angels. She is not lost, she is not gone. She is just in another place. I know that death is a hard thing to deal with, I understand that, but I feel like a senseless death, a death with no one to really blame, it is so much harder for me. I can't even begin to understand it. I don't know how to picture it or put the pieces together.

I want this to be a bad dream. I want to wake up and everything to be okay again. It isn't and it won't be. But it doesn't stop me from wanting it.

So everyone.... those are my thoughts tonight.... kind of jumbled, but thats what I am thinking.

I hope everyone is well.

JMS -ilu and I am proud of you


Monday, September 6, 2010

needing to catch up

So it has been apparent to me that I have neglected my blog. I am going to try to get back into it. I will tell you that this post will most likely not be the happiest but I will try and get back on track.
A lot has happened since I last wrote and I think the things that have happened and continue to happen have shaped me.
I decided to do a 10 on Tuesday... but a day early... because who knows if I would remember to blog tomorrow.
So here goes.

1. God has needed a lot of angels lately. I understand that He has a plan, but it seems that lately His plan has involved calling some home that we weren't ready to lose yet.

2. That being said I am learning that it is okay to be angry about it. It is okay to be angry at God. I am trying to grasp that. It isn't easy but I am trying.

3. I have 1 nephew and 3 nieces. 1 niece lives in heaven. I am trying to accept that.

4. I have amazing friends. I have learned who will come through from you when you need it most. I can not thank my friends enough, for the late night phone calls; for the offers to travel to a far away state to see people they don't know, because I need them; for the laughter and smiles just when I need it most; for the offers to watch my crazy dog and not questioning but always willing to help. I am blessed and I adore my friends.

5. Ice cream has a way of making even the crappiest of days just a little bit better.

6. When getting furniture delivered it is best to keep Bentley contained. He is not helpful to delivery men, no matter how much he would like to think he is.

7. Speaking of Bentley, apparently he is smart enough to remove his own stitches from his surgery. No need to schedule a follow up appointment or anything Dr. Bentley will handle that one on his own. This dog is nuts.

8. Work is crazy busy, but in that is the welcome distraction from things I am not yet ready to face. So thank you work for helping me when you didn't realize you were.

9. My husband will be forever shopping for a new car. He is always looking for another car. I swear he must know where every dealership, big or small, is located in a 50 mile radius. He knows every website and the stock at each dealership. It keeps him entertained.

10. I'm going home soon for a bit. Not for a reason I want to, but I am going home. It feels good to be going home. Maybe I needed a little Buffalo to get back on track.

Allright everyone... that is a quick update on me and life... in the form of a Ten on Tuesday list... 1 day early....

Hope all is well with everyone.

JMS- I am proud of you. ilu