Saturday, August 27, 2011

finally home

So time is really flying by. I have lots to look forward to. I stopped traveling for work. My last flight was yesterday. Thank you to Air Tran for getting me on a straight flight that got me home earlier. Definitely appreciated. Jack has been doing great during deployment and I have been getting a ton accomplished here at home.

Its only 12 days till Little Man comes home. 61 days till Baby A's due date. 58 days till her C-Section day!! Woah. Time is flying by!!

I am going to update the pictures of the day up until yesterday. Still have to upload pictures from today!

Oh and we are 44.9% done!!! Almost halfway. So excited!!

Day 54 - Monday August 15th

Baby's A organizer shelf with the bins in it. Starting to look good in her nursery. You can see some of the baby shower gifts on there too!

Day 55 - Tuesday August 16th

Handicapped bathroom in my hotel in Detroit. Always get the handicapped room.

Day 56 - Wednesday August 17th


Day 57 - Thursday August 18th

30 Weeks Pregnant!!

Day 58 - Friday August 19th
Got to see my little man!! Yeah!!

Day 59- Saturday August 20th

Baby Shower Day!!!

Baby A's godmother and I! Love my Dawn!!

Day 60 - Sunday August 21st
All of Baby A's gifts from the shower

Day 61 - Monday August 22nd
My Bentley helping me pack Baby A's gifts

Day 62- Tuesday August 23rd
Got Baby A's stoller and carseat

Day 63 - Wednesday August 24th

Working in the hotel. Late night

Day 64 - Thursday August 25th

31 Weeks Pregnant!!

Day 65 - Friday August 26th

All of Baby A's bows! Love them!!

So thats a quick update!! Hope all is well with everyone!!

JMS - ilu and miss you. I am so proud of you and all you do!! Can't wait till you are home with us!!



Sunday, August 14, 2011

Moving Along

So I am updating the pictures, but then it will be awhile before I update. I mean like over a week. I am starting my busy next couple of weeks. I will be traveling for work, going home to Buffalo for a baby shower, coming back buying a carseat and stroller, drs appt, meeting A's dr, and getting ready for a FL shower and having my sister come visit. Whew. That's a lot. But I am excited. So here are the pictures of the day.

Day 49 - Wednesday August 10th

The stuff for A's bathroom! So excited

Day 50 - Thursday August 11th

29 weeks pregnant!

Day 51 - Friday August 12th
Jack's rug he sent in the mail
Day 52- Saturday August 13th
Got some great deals for A. Yeah for tax free weekend!
All that and I only paid $36!!

Day 52 - again
A's Halloween outfit. Too cute!
Day 53 - Sunday August 14th
Uncle Adam and Aunt Morgan spoil A. All kinds of presents from her godsister. We are blessed

Hope everyone is having a great week!!!

JMS - super proud of you! ilu!!!



Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yep thats right... 33.7% done with this deployment. Time is actually moving. Yeah!! Now to update the pictures of the day.

Day 40- Monday August 1st

New Month on the Calendar!!

Day 41 - Tuesday August 2nd

An old picture... but it is to celebrate our 5th Anniversary of being together

Our first picture together!

Day 42 - Wednesday August 3rd

Got a parking spot! Yeah no more driving all around

Day 43 - Thursday August 4th
28 Weeks Pregnant!! 7 Months

Day 44 - Friday August 5th
Lazy Kitty eating his treat

Day 45 - Saturday August 6th
Doing some research

Day 46 - Sunday August 7th
Lazy Sunday

Day 47 - Monday August 8th
Silly Man sits by the door waiting for Bentley and Jack

Day 48 - Tuesday August 9th
Presents for A in the mail

Day 48 again
Kobe got a gift too... the box haha

So thats a quick update! Hope everyone is doing well!!

JMS - I miss you and I am so incredibly proud of you!! ilu