Tuesday, January 26, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Woo hoo I am doing a 10 on tuesday post again and on time! Go me! haha

Here goes....

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis is no fun, but Amanda on pain meds is apparently very entertaining to people. Glad I can entertain.

2. My husband spoils me, and I am completely okay with that. After much delibriation I decided on the chocolate and cream Ugg boots and Jack bought them for me today. Love it!

3. When someone is letting you go from a job it is not wise to threaten to harm thier personal property. Thankfully I have an awesome friend who didn't question and just went and moved my car for me. Yeah Barney!!

4. I am more than happy to help people move, but if you aren't packed I am gone. Seriously if you want me to help, pack your stuff beforehand. I do not help pack.

5. Figuring out what to do for Valentine's Day is not the easiest thing right now. No idea what to do. hmmm. We need ideas! Help!

6. Good friends are there for you no matter the distance and I couldn't be more thankful. Love you Colleen!!

7. Apparently my furniture is tasty because my animals keep chewing on the couch. Who knew. And word of advice, the sour apple spray you buy to prevent it, my animals apparently enjoy. Fail on that one.

8. When going to dinner with your husband, who is in uniform, people will come up to you and thank him. It makes you feel incredibly humble and proud. And thankful. To the nice man who paid for our dinner on Friday, thank you. Your words were truly appreciated.

9. My dog can climb up on the couch by himself, but apparently the concept of jumping off the couch is foriegn to him. We will work on that.

10. I can be crafty when I want to be. My hallway is now sporting our monogram painted black made by me! Yeah me! hahaha

So yep, that is this week in review. Now I have to go chase the dog and get my shoes back. Crazy dog.

Have a great week everyone.

JMS, B, S, and K, love you all! JMS you are my hero!


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I wonder

So Jack and I are sitting here watching American Idol and it made me start to think. I mean I wonder if people actually think they are talented. Clearly some people can not sing. But that being said I have to give them credit for their guts. I would never be able to get up in front of people and do that. So they have that on me.

But this did cause me to want to write an I wonder post...


I wonder... if some people don't have mirrors in their house. Clearly they would not leave the house looking like that if they could see before hand

I wonder... why it is that if someone puts their turn signal on (which is a miracle in itself) they feel that it gives them the right to go ahead and cut me off. Just cause you put your turn signal doesn't mean you can just come in the lane, there needs to be an opening. Clearly I missed that memo.

I wonder ... why I never get the memo to dress like a hoe when going to the mall. I always miss that one.

I wonder .. why people will try and get the closest parking spot ever at the grocery store and then fill their carts with junk food. Wouldn't you want to work off some of those calories. Just a suggestion.

I wonder.. why people call us after 9pm. Don't they know that Jack and I are old people and are rarely awake past 9:15.

I wonder... why things don't open early, like stores and what not. I mean I am up at 6 am why isn't everyone else.

I wonder... why people feel the need to ask people completely inappropriate questions. I mean often times after finding out what Jack does for a living, people feel the need to ask me the most assine questions. Really? Is that appropriate?

So yeah... I wonder sometimes... okay a lot of times. And wow I blogged two nights in a row! Go Me! haha. I am trying to get better at this. Although I am sure not to many people read this, I will keep blogging. Hopefully more readers will come soon. I know I have at least 2, my mom and my husband. haha. I sound like a geek.

Anyway hope everyone has a great day tomorrow!!

jms - ilu soooo much. and banger, the man and beaver too!


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Ten on Tuesday...

So I decided to blog a ten on tuesday post. It might be a good way to organize my last week. So here is 10 things currently happening in my life, or lessons learned.

1. We bought a new car last week ( an 06 BMW X3), I have yet to figure out how to turn the heat on, should probably figure that out seeing as how I had to scrape ice off my car today.

The new car

2. Our puppy screams like someone is torturing him when he has his nails cut. That was an awesome lesson to learn in the middle of a busy vet's office.

3. Bentley also enjoys his stuffed dog that is twice his size. He enjoys it so much that he humps it, regularly.

4. Apparently I buy the wrong cottage cheese at the grocery store, who knew there were certain kinds. oops.

5. Making fleece blankets relax me and I can do it quickly. Next step, learn how to knit.

Bentley showing off how well he likes his new blanket

6. One of our potential place to relocate is a 35 hour drive away. amazing. Really need to learn to knit for the car ride.

7. My husband tattoos himself when he is bored waiting for tint to get put on our car. Normal people read something, Jack goes to get a tattoo. He is special.

8. Boys like to wear white socks with dress pants. I am not sure why. Out of 15 male employees that I manage, all but 3 had white socks on. The one only had dress socks on by default, he had two pairs on because it was cold.

9. Speaking of employees, they like to give way to much information when they call in sick. I promise I believe you the first time you say you are sick. I do not need the extra information.

10. As gross as the things the guy Bear on the show Man vs Wild does, I am mesmorized. I have to watch it and see the craziness. Clearly it is an addiction.

I just may make this an every Tuesday thing. I kind of like it. I may also start the not me Monday. Haven't decided yet. We shall see.

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

JMS- I love you and your silly dog.


Friday, January 1, 2010



Definitely spoke to soon in my earlier post. We got a puppy today, so one resolution down!!

Mr Bentley is a 9 week old Chichuahua. He was born on October 2nd, which is great for us. Our cats were both born on the 2nd of the month and we were married on the 2nd of the month. So he definitely fits for us.

Right now we are working on litter box training him. Seneca loves him, Kobe is not yet quite sure about him. We will see how this all works out. haha

Here is a picture of Bentley and Jack.

Have a great day everyone.....
Love the S family,
Amanda, Jack, Seneca, Kobe and Bentley!!

Happy 2010!!

Happy 2010 Everyone!!!

2009 was hard for us with deployment, but 2010 is looking to be a great year. We have a few resolutions. We are planning to move to wherever it is that the Marine Corps gives us orders. We have submitted a wish list so to speak. On our list is Albany GA, Billings MT, and Aurora CO. So who knows where we will end up.
A few other resolutions that we have made are....

- Do something with all the pictures, finally finish a few more scrapbooks
- Learn to knit or quilt
- Get a puppy
- Get a BMW (that is Jack's resolution. )


- Hopefully add to our family.

So hope that everyone had a great New Years Eve and hopefully 2010 will be a year full of happiness and laughter for everyone!

jms- so excited to have another year with you my love!