Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So most of you probably know I am originally from just outside of Buffalo NY. I love it there and it is a lot of fun. And lately I have been thinking a lot about Buffalo and the good things there. Its a good place to be for a lot of reasons but for me the most important being that my family is there.

Anyway my sister in law sent me this funny forward email about someone moving to Western NY and having to deal with the snow and finally giving up and moving to FL. It was quite entertaining and I laughed. Apparently one of the people she sent it to felt the need to reply to everyone on the list with his thoughts. He basically said that FL was full of "Ugly sprawless and soulless communities" and he didn't understand why anyone would live there. He continued on making fun of people in FL.
Well that is all well and good for him to do if he would like, but did he really have to hit reply all to the email. There were numerous members of my family on that email list and they were all offended by this guys comments. I understand that he thought it was funny, but to us it wasn't.
So I thought and I thought about it.  So finally today, I decided to respond to just him. I wrote to him asking him to not hit reply all in the future and let him know that I was offended by his comments and as a person that had lived in both places, I felt that I would have been more able to comment about the living situations in both than he.  I felt really good just hitting send.
I told my brother and his wife (the original senders of the email) and they laughed. So that is good. 
Some people really need to think before they email. I mean come on now, was that really necessary!?

Anyway back to Buffalo. I am thinking of making a trip there. I would drive, and as of right now I would bring Kobe and Seneca. Here in lies the problem, convincing my parents to have 2 , 4 legged house guests for a visit. My parents are not really cat people. They like Seneca (they haven't met Kobe) but I am not so sure how much they would like her staying in their house.
I have started lobbying my Dad on the off chance that I make this trip. I think I have already won my Mom over. She just said that I would need to bring all the things that they need. Which of course I would do. My Dad....he is going to be a harder sell. So I started sending him pictures of the cats. I mean how could someone say no to their cuteness. Haha.
I will let you guys know how it goes.

On to the pictures of the Day.

Day 21 :

the things that I wear everyday that make me think of my love
My wedding band, My charm bracelet, my bracelet made of his nametape, and his dog tag

Day 22:
some of the cuteness pictures of my babies....Look how sweet they are. 

Mr cute

Seneca Wallace

So I hope everyone is having a great day!!!

JMS - ilu -  according to that donut thing....we have 8% done.....yeah...almost in double digits...haha... I miss you monkey


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