Friday, August 28, 2009

Getting So Close Now

So I am slacking on posting pictures of the day... I know I stink.
So here I am updating the pictures...
Day 223 - August 17th
I thought it was cool

Day 224 - August 18th
my pillow I snuggle with

Day 225 - August 19th
Jack's new shoes came

Day 226 - August 20th
stuff to make signs!!! yeah!!!

Day 227 - August 21st
Kobe and Wallace's sign for Daddy

Day 228 - August 22nd
Move In Day!
stuff collecting in the living room

Coming up the stairs...

The empty bathroom

our bedroom in progress

the kitchen

Day 229 - August 23rd
The living room all done

Day 230 - August 24th
the kitchen all done

dining area

Day 231 - August 25th
the bedroom all done...
our closet

bed all made up

Day 232 - August 26th
bathroom all situated

Day 233 - August 27th
Jaden came to visit! And he brought toys. hehe

Look how big.... he has 6 teeth already!!

Day 234 - August 28th
The 2nd foot locker came!!

So I am all caught up and have internet again! yeah for that! haha
Anyways I am going to try to keep this updated more regularly ( I know I say that all the time). But I want Jack to be able to see it.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!
JMS - I love you and I miss you. Getting so close now. Stay safe my heart!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

catching up

Needed to catch up on the pictures of the day. So here they are. Jack definitely wanted to see them... so here we are... 88% done with this deployment.

July 26th - Day 201
lazy Kobe

July 27th - Day 202
Seneca is hiding..hahaha

July 28th - Day 203
Sleepy Nuttie... stealing the bed

July 29th - Day 204
me being a goof....

July 30th - Day 205
update on the hearts

July 31st - Day 206
decorating the last box to send to Jack!!!

August 1st - Day 207
sleeping in his t-shirt

August 2nd - Day 208
Happy Birthday Miss Seneca

August 3rd - Day 209
back to work

August 4th - Day 210
Snoopy waiting at the door for Jack to come home....hehe

August 5th - Day 211
Nuttie and Seneca snuggling

August 6th - Day 212
Scrappy being all pretty

August 7th - Day 213
emailing my monkey

August 8th - Day 214
Peanut being all sweet

August 9th -Day 215
Scooby being lazy

August 10th - Day 216
working from home....

August 11th - Day 217
before picture for my hair

August 12th - Day 218
Got my hair done!

August 13th - Day 219
working from home some more

August 14th - Day 220
being a goof ball...haha

August 15th - Day 221
Kobe.. the man...hehe

August 16th - Day 222
another update on the hearts

Finally updated all the pictures hehe. Jack kept asking for them.. haha
JMS - I love you and miss you!!!


Sunday, August 9, 2009


Okay... I know I need to update...and this post is my promise that it will be done this week.
I went back to my full time job. And I have been insanely busy. I will update soon.
Until then....

We are..... 85% done with this deployment!! Woo hoo!! So excited!!

So look for the update this week, it is going to happen.

JMS- I miss you so much, so close now. I love you my heart!