Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Almost done!!

This deployment is almost over. We are 96.5% done. I can't tell you how excited I am about that.
Here are the pictures of Miss A lately. She is smiling a bit now and I swear I heard a giggle the other day. I have to say being a Mommy is by far the best thing ever.

Day 19 - Friday November 11, 2011
Playing with her rattle bracelets.

Day 20 - Saturday November 12, 2011

Having fun at her first party.

Day 21 - Sunday November 13, 2011
All dressed up for Church
Day 22 - Monday November 14, 2011
Snuggles with Aunt Lacey
Day 23 - Tuesday November 15, 2011
She likes her bouncer now
Day 24- Wednesday November 16, 2011
I love how she sleeps. Silly girl.

JMS - almost done!! Can't wait to see you. Ilu.

Friday, November 11, 2011

20 Signs You love Someone in the Military...

I saw this list and thought it was so appropriate. I had to post and add my comments.
1. Your Cell phone is always in view. - Absolutely. And always on the loudest ring tone and every messaging service is forwarded to it.
2. You are an expert in the culinary field of which baked goods have the longest staying power. - I know how to pack cookies to make them last and I have about 10 recipes for cake in a jar.
3. You've mastered the smile and nod technique after countless dinners with his military buddies where the only time they involve you in the conversation is to ask how the kids are doing or how your job is. - This one is not so much true. Jack's military friends talk to me and involve me in a lot of conversations.
4. At one point or another you have made a list of things to tell your sweetie next time he calls during deployment. - Absolutely! I have those lists all the time.
5. You know the difference from an APO and a FOB. - Yep sure do!
6. Your home looks like it is decorated for 4th of July year round. - I admit we are moto. So yes this is true.
7. If your state doesn't sell alcohol on Sunday you don't worry because you can always get it from the PX. - We don't really drink so this one doesn't matter much to us.
8. You don't think twice looking at military time format. - Yup. I tend to use military time more.
9. Your neighbors think you are cheating on your guy with the mailman because you get so excited to see him. - Haha. This is more like the UPS guy at our house. I see him more than most people. And usually it is stuff Jack has sent. The UPS guy even knows the dog's name.
10. You find comfort knowing you can overpack for vacation since your man is used to carrying a much heavier rucksack around in hell-like temperatures. - Not so much here seeing as how I usually carry my own bags. But sometimes.
11. You can't watch Dear John without crying at least 5 times. - Yep! And any other show or movie that has Marines in it. Or the Veteran's Day commericials. I pretty much cry a lot.
12. The people at the post office know you by first name. - Yep. They sure do.
13. You have the urge to every single man or woman you see in uniform. - Not really but sometimes.
14. You wish they made cuter military bumper stickers so you could brag to the driver incessantly tailgating you during rush hour. - Not so much. One of our cars is moto, the other isn't. I am okay with that.
15. Hearing your girlfriend complain about her significant other leaving for the weekend makes you want to shake her uncontrollably (with love of course). - Yup! I get that missing your significant other is hard, no matter how long it is, but sometimes I wish people would remember who they are talking to and that some people may be missing their significant other for a lot longer.
16. You understand the importance of physical fitness. Mostly because your man will be a cranky mess if you don't have time to hit the gym. - Not really on this one. Jack supports me no matter what. But I am a cranky mess if I don't excercise.
17. You don't think twice about going to family dinner (with his family) if he is not around. - With some parts of his family -yes. I think I see them more than he does.
18. Hello Homecoming! You know exactly which one of your coats you look the thinnest in and have shopped one-too-many times for accessories to go with it. - Absolutely! I have planned my homecoming outfit from the day he left. haha.
19. You can tell whether he is having a good day or bad day by the way he says hello on the phone. - Yup! I think pretty much anyone can with their signifcant other, regardless of what job they do.
20. You can proudly say you are a better woman because of your military man. - Yes. But not because he is in the military. He inspires me. I think everyone should be with someone that inspires them to be a better person, but thats just me.
Okay... so what would you add? This list was published online. I know there are some I don't agree with, as I stated. And some I do agree with.
I want to take a moment to say Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have sacrificed and continue to do so, so that we may live in freedom. Remember that we live in the land of the free because of the brave. And please remember those who stand behind those who serve, the families that wait at home. Be thankful and remember these brave men and women always, not just one day a year.
"Let us not mourn the men who died, but let us thank God that such men lived!"
JMS- we are so proud of you and we love our veteran.
And Baby A too!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's Official

Yep you read that right. Baby A is official. We got her birth certificate and social security card. And her umbilical cord is gone. Our little princess is all official.
She is really a good little baby. She loves her bathes and I am pretty sure last night she laughed at me. It made me smile so big. I can't wait until her Daddy is home to hear her sweet little giggles. Right now she is enjoying some turtle time as we call it. Basically she is napping in her pack n play which has a turtle mobile on it. haha.
Here are the pictures of the day.

Day 15 - Monday November 7th 2011
Naked Baby playing on the couch
2 pictures for Day 15 - cause she is too cute
Day 16 - Tuesday November 8th 2011
Going for a walk with Mommy
Day 17 - Wednesday November 9th 2011
Trying out her bouncer. Not yet a fan...
Day 18 - Thursday November 10th 2011
She is Official!! Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
Day 18 again
Happy Birthday Marine Corps!! Celebrating with her Marine Corps blanket
Day 18 one more time
Daddy's Little Marine. She apparently did not want her picture taken.

So that is our quick update. Hope all is well with everyone.

JMS- Happy Birthday our favorite Marine. We love and miss you! Can't wait till you are home.

and Baby A too!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Each Day is One Day Closer

Baby A is getting big too fast. She really is a great baby though. Doesn't really cry and loves to cuddle. Couldn't ask for a better little one. Plus Jack and I are pretty sure she is the cutest baby ever. Actually we are sure of it.
Here is a quick update of Baby A's pictures of the day.
Day 11- Thursday November 3rd, 2011
Cute little strawberry butt
Day 12 - Friday November 4th, 2011
Cuddles with Uncle Adam
Day 13 - Saturday November 5th 2011
Snuggles with Mommy
Day 14 - Sunday November 6th 2011
No more umbilical cord! Big girl can take regular baths now

So that is a quick update. We are missing A's Daddy but don't have too much longer. Baby A is doing lots of fun stuff like snuggling with Miss Lacey and visiting with Uncle Adam and hanging out with her "brothers".
We are excitedly planning Daddy's homecoming and getting ready for holidays.
Hope all is well with everyone.
JMS - we miss you and love you sooo much.
and Baby A too!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baby A Picture A Day

So I decided to do the picture a day for Baby A. I figured it would be a good way to watch her grow and we are pretty sure it will make Daddy smile. So here we go.

Day 1 - Aubrey's Birthday
Monday October 24, 2011 - 10:15am
7lbs and 1 oz 20 inches long

Day 2 - Tuesday October 25th

Kisses from Daddy

Day 3 - Wednesday October 26th, 2011
Meeting her big brother for the first time
Day 4 - Thursday October 27th
Looking at cars with Daddy
Day 5 - Friday October 28th 2011
Sneak peak of Aubrey's newborn pictures. We got a family pic in as well. Too bad Kobe wouldn't cooperate.
Day 6 - Saturday October 28th 2011
Snuggling with both my babies
Day 7 - Sunday October 30th 2011
Helping Daddy play on the computer
Day 8 - Monday October 31st, 2011
Aubrey's First Halloween
Daddy with his two pumpkins
Day 9 - Tuesday November 1st, 2011
Getting in as many snuggles with Daddy as possible before he had to leave
Day 10 - Wednesday November 2nd 2011
Taking a nap with her Daddy doll - well she was supposed to be napping.. but clearly her eyes are open so she was not cooperating.
So thats the first 10 days of Baby Girl's life. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and absolutely love our family.
Her current obsession is not being put down during the day and I will admit I indulge her. It makes it a little difficult to get anything done (this post took close to 2 hours) but thats okay. I am oretty sure that she misses Daddy but not too much longer till he is home for good. According to the donut of misery we have 88.4 % of this thing done. Only 11.6% more. I will take that.
JMS - we miss you!! I love you. Not much longer.
Amanda and Baby A too.


So Thanksgiving is this month. Its a day to think of all you are thankful for. I think you should be thankful all year round. Seeing as how Thanksgiving is the 24th day of the month I am going to make a list of 24 things I am thankful for. I will also be updating pictures of the day starting with today soon. Daddy went back to deployment so we need to track how big Baby A is getting while Daddy is away.
Okay on to the thankful list.
1. I am thankful for my beautiful baby girl. She is an absolute blessing and I can not even begin to tell you how amazing she is.
2. I am thankful for my amazing husband. He is so supportive and such an amazing Daddy. Aubrey and I are so lucky.
3. I am thankful for my crazy dog Bentley who never fails to make me laugh. He is such a good big brother and loves Baby A so much.
4. Even though I complain about him I am thankful for my silly cat who always knows when I need a snuggle.
5. Jack and I are incredibly thankful for my supportive and knowledgable doctors who were able to guide us through pregnancy and allow us to realize our dream of becoming parents.
6. I am thankful for the US Army who sent my husband home for the birth of our daughter. I could not thank those responsible enough.
7. I am thankful for the Marine Corps who not only employs my husband but protects us all and whose men and women sacrifice so much for us all.
8. I am thankful for my community of Marine wives whose thoughts and prayers and overwhelming support has been absolutely amazing.
9. I am thankful for my amazing friend Lacey who is there no matter what and loves my family as much as I do.
10. I am thankful for my best friend Dawn who even though she is far away, has been the best support system anyone could ask for. Just having her to listen has gotten me through so much.
11. I am thankful for our friends Adam and Morgan who are there for us no matter what and think nothing of including us in everything. We are so blessed to have them in our lives.
12. I am thankful for the Fisher Price Snug a Bunny swing that Aubrey loves so much. Without I am sure I would get no sleep.
13. I am thankful for Southwest Airlines who when presented with a nervous and tired Dad to be made it possible for him to be home on time for his daughter's birth.
14. I am thankful for soothie pacifers. Those things are a godsend.
15. I am thankful for Skype that allows me to see my family from far away and for them to see Baby A.
16. I am thankful for Carters who sends lots of coupons so that I can make sure Baby A is outfited in style. haha
17. I am thankful for retractable leashes. It gives Bentley the freedom he needs and I don't have to walk through the mud and grass.
18. I am thankful for my job and boss who have been so supportive of me and everything.
19. I am thankful to be able to plan a homecoming this month. It is by far my favorite part of the deployment.
20. I am thankful for the random stranger at the airport yesterday who saw a new mom that needed a hug and provided that. Whoever she is, thank you. I don't think she knew how much that was appreciated.
21. I am thankful for my camera that will allow me to document my daughter's growth and that is durable beyond belief. No matter how many times I drop that thing it keeps working. Thank you Sony for making a great product.
22. I am thankful for my health. I know I have health issues but I am still functioning and breathing and was able to have a beautiful baby. I will take that anyday.
23. I am thankful for my dvr that lets me watch whatever I want whenever I have time. Incredibly good seeing as how my nights are now controlled by a little person.
24. I am thankful for all the opportunity that I have and continue to have.
I have so much to be thankful for this month and always.
Hopefully so does everyone else.
JMS - we miss you so much and we love you. You are our hero.
Amanda and Baby A

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Aubrey Maybach!
Our beautiful little girl made her appearance on Monday October 24th at 10:15 am. She weighed in at 7lbs and 1 ounce and was 20 inches long (19 according to the doctor.) We are absolutely blessed and completely in love with our miracle.
Pretty Princess

Aubrey and Mommy

Snuggling with Daddy

Our love

Jack was able to make it home just in time to see the birth of our sweet little angel. It was an amazing experience. I had a c-section and Jack was absolutely amazing. He was such a great support and I honestly could not have asked for a better experience.

Aubrey is an absolute doll. She lets us sleep for about 5 hours at a time. She did though lose a little weight so we are working on that. She has though been so much more than we expected.

We are a little sad that Daddy has to go back on deployment for a little bit but Aubrey and I can handle it. We are already planning an outfit for Daddy's return. Aubrey or baby Aubley as Jaden calls her, is such a Daddy's girl. She loves Jack and her eyes open wide everytime she hears or sees him. It is the sweetest thing.

I promise to update more as I get a chance. I was slightly occupied the past little bit though. I will update with the story of Jack coming home. It was interesting.

I hope all is well with everyone.

JMS - I am so proud of you and feel so blessed to share this experience with you. ilu and A does too.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I am updating on Tuesday 2 weeks in a row. Go me. Now don't count on this happening all the time, especially after Baby A comes but for now I am going with it.
1. We are 76% done with this deployment. Yep less than 1/4 left. Yeah!!
2. Bentley apparently enjoys barking at everyone. Bribing him with toys and bones has become common place so I can work.
3. My neighbor Lacey is nothing short of amazing. Her friendship is such a blessing. She has offered to do my grocery shopping for me and watch Bentley so I can sleep. I love that girl.
4. Baby A will be here soon. I feel like it is an answer to our prayers and I can't wait to see her little face.
5. That being said, Baby A does need to wait. At least until my birthday. I need people here to at least get me to the hospital. So hold on little on.
6. Our cat Kobe has finally learned how to fight back to Bentley. He should have learned this a long time ago. Bentley deserves some of the swats he gets. He torments that poor cat.
7. I feel like I spend a lot of time at the dr's office. I am looking forward to not having to go there every week in a little bit.
8. I am trying to wrap things up with work. Hopefully I can get everything done but I keep getting projects added.
9. I have literally one more weekend before my out of town guests, aka my parents, come. Lets hope I can get everything done.
10. I truly don't think I can live without my dvr. I fall asleep everynight around 7-8:30 or so and I need to watch Jeopardy. So thank you dvr for allowing me to continue with that habit.
So that was my quick update. Hope all is well with everyone.
JMS - so proud of you. Ilu

Sunday, October 9, 2011


So I have 2 weeks to go until Baby A is here... give or take. Well not exactly. I mean if she isn't here in 2 weeks, she is coming that day. How crazy is that? After waiting and praying for so long, now we are so close. I can say that Jack and I are completely ready. We have everything she could need. And she is spoiled. But thats okay. Her Daddy and I waited a long time for her so we are completely okay with spoiling her.
Okay now to update the pictures of the day.
Day 102 - Sunday October 2nd
My birthday man and me! Happy 2nd Birthday Bentley!!
Day 103 - Monday October 3rd
My helper at work. haha
Day 104 - Tuesday October 4th
Kobe causing trouble
Day 105 - Wednesday October 5th
New couch
Day 106 - Thursday October 6th
37 weeks Pregnant! Officially Full Term!!
Day 107- Friday October 7th
Kobe being all cute
Day 108 - Saturday October 8th Bentley was not happy
Day 109 - Sunday October 9th
A's bag is all packed to go for the hospital.

So we are winding down for this deployment and I couldn't be happier. Not much more time without my favorite person. I am thinking of doing the picture a day of Baby A. not sure yet. We will see.
Anyway hope all is well with everyone.
JMS- ilu. We are about to start our new adventure. I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I need to get back to my Tuesday updates. I know for a bit I might be a little busy as updating so I figure while I can I should update.
1. I <3 the show Biggest Loser. Its on right now and I love it. Amazing.
2. Bentley is afraid of Halloween decorations. It cracks me up. The neighbors put out a pumpkin door mat and Bentley barks at it. He sure is a big bad watch dog. haha
3. Our new couch is being delivered tomorrow!!! Jack found it and bought it online.
4. Baby A is on her way. I am actually in process to give birth now. Holy Wow. Who would have thought that our dream for so long is so close to coming true.
5. Jack is coming home sooner than we first thought. I am not going to lie but I am ridiculously excited about that.
6. I feel like A has already taken over our house. There is baby stuff in every room.
7. I get to see my parents on my birthday for the first time in 8 years!
8. I actually made a meal plan for October and November. So far I have been sticking to it. Woo Hoo!
9. I would not survive with out my dvr. I can't stay awake for longer than 4 hours at a time anymore.. unless of course it is 2am and then I can't sleep at all.
10. I am ridiculously proud of my little man who has been so good and actually mellowing out. Apparently he was waiting till he turned 2 to become a good dog. He has been such a snuggly, well behaved dog. I am beyond happy.
Okay.. That was our quick update.
JMS- we miss you. Can't wait till you are home with us! Not much longer now.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its October!!!!

So it is finally October! I am so excited about that. I can officially say that Jack will be home next month!! That is the best thing ever. Other great things are happening in October too!
Bentley turns 2 tomorrow. Hard to believe he is going to be a big boy.
My birthday is this month and for the first time in 8 years I will be able to see my parents for my birthday. Granted they fly in at 11pm but still.
Baby A is due to come this month too!
Exciting month for us!
70.3 % done!!!! So now we really are in the downward stretch. So excited!
Day 95 - Sunday September 25th
Got my Maternity Photos!!
Day 96 - Monday September 26th
Last packages needed for Baby A. We are all set now
Day 97 - Tuesday September 27th
My snuggly men
Day 98 - Wednesday September 28th
Present in the mail from Jack. Amazing Sunglasses
Day 99 - Thursday September 29th
36 Weeks Pregnant!! 9 Months!!
Day 100 - Friday September 30th
Getting the Hospital bag packed. Almost time!
Day 101 - Saturday October 1st
Bentley and Bentley playing and being silly

So thats our quick update! Hope all is well with everyone!
JMS - so proud of you. Not much longer now. Miss you and love you!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

So close...... yet not quite

Everything is starting to happen in our house. The UPS man has been here pretty much everyday with 2 more boxes expected on Monday. After that we will have everything we need and want for Baby A. Which is a good thing because my doctor let me know that she is "locked and loaded" and it could be any day now. I am hoping she holds out another 30 days, but who knows. Apparently Baby A has her own agenda. With Jack and I as parents I shouldn't have expected anything less. haha.

The donut puts us at 2 different numbers (for two different dates). We are either 58.8% done (our latest date) or 68.5% (the earliest date). I would love to go with the earliest date, of course. But either way we are moving along.

Okay now on to the pictures. You will notice Little Man has resurfaced in a lot of pictures. Having him gone for the summer was tough. Never again.

Day 89 - Monday September 19th
Little Man snuggling. Too cute

Day 90 - Tuesday September 20th
Lots of packages for Baby A
Day 91 - Wednesday September 21st
Little Man in his Halloween outfit. So cute
Day 92 - Thursday September 22nd
35 weeks pregnant!
Day 93 - Friday September 23rd
Baby A has lots of toys now!
Day 94 - Saturday September 24th
Baby A's dresser and my project for the weekend.. updating her baby book
There is also an appearance by Kobe... that is rare. haha

So that's a quick update on life here. Just waiting on the rest of our little family to get here so we can be whole again. Not much longer.

Hope all is well with everyone!

JMS - Miss you so much. I love you!!