Monday, March 30, 2009

The Life of a Dog

So I now live with 4 dogs, 6 cats and my 2 cats... good times huh? haha.

Anyway the dogs crack me up. They are so loving and always want to be with you. As I write this 3 of the 4 dogs are laying next to me. They are awesome. The only complaint I have is the headbutting of the doors. Oh dear. They headbutt doors to get in to see you. haha.

Anyway the pictures of the day for today will be my lovely new roommates...

Day 83 - Lazy Days
Snoopy...resting...if you had to deal with 3 energetic younger would be resting too

Miss Peanut
Dreaming of the day football season will start again...haha

And of course one of my baby... Seneca
dreaming of going outside... (don't worry Jack... I am not letting her.. haha)

Hope everyone is having a great day!!

JMS - I miss you and I love you. Stay safe



Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 81 and Day 82 - The big Move

Okay so in the past two days I moved. It took quite some time, but I was very lucky enough to have some help and I definitely appreciated it.

All my stuff was moved either into storage or into my inlaws house. Now Seneca, Kobe and I are all settled. Seneca is doing well.... Kobe on the other hand is not quite so happy... but he is getting there. I am sure he will adjust soon.

So the pictures of the day for the these two days, there will be alot and they are from the move.

Day 81

The view of the storage unit from the top

Another view of the unit

And another view

Day 82 - settling in

Seneca enoying her new room

New room
Hope everyone is doing well!
JMS - I miss you and I love you. Stay safe my heart.

Catching Up

Okay so here are the pictures of the day... I have a lot.. sorry I let it get so far behind... oops....

Day 67 - March 14th
Helping my friend again with Team in Training.
This was at Red Bug and Tuskawilla

Day 68 - March 15
Watching the Shuttle Launch
I had to figure out the flash with this one

Day 69 - March 16
Miss Reeses
Woah She is getting huge!

Day 70 March 17
Snuggles... Scooby and Peanut
The one rare moment he isn't growling because someone is too close to his ball

Day 71- March 18
Kitchen is all packed up
Probably should have kept some dishes out though...oops...

Day 72 March 19
Living room is packed up

Day 73 March 20
2nd Bedroom is all packed up!

Day 74 March 21
Our bedroom is finally packed!

Day 75 March 22
Seneca snuggling in her favorite spot.... Jack's spot on the bed

Day 76 March 23
Just Me

Day 77 March 24
Update on the hearts.. had to move them to a piece of paper

Day 78 March 25
My pretty flowers....from my amazing husband

Day 79 March 26
Playing the box from the flowers from Jack
Silly Seneca

Day 80 March 27
Seneca testing out her new envrionment.

Hope everything is going well with everyone.
JMS - I love you and I miss you. Stay safe my heart!

Friday, March 27, 2009

whew... its been awhile

Wow... I haven't been on in a bit. I have been super busy with the move. I am almost done with it. The move will be official tomorrow. So I promise to have lots of pictures and a good update sometime on Sunday.
Hope all is well with everyone!

Stay Safe my heart. <3


Friday, March 13, 2009

And the packing continues

So the packing is continuing. I finally think I may see an end in sight. Hopefully. I have about 35-40 boxes packed and probably about 10 boxes left to go.

I have the glasses in the kitchen, a few more dishes and the canisters and knife block. The bedding and a few linens and then one bathroom left to pack. I figure I need these things, so that is why they are currently not packed. Although I do plan on packing most of the glasses sometime this weekend.

Then it is time to clean. That will be fun.

The cats think that I am creating them a playground. Haha. They keep climbing in the boxes and in and out of the cabinets. Crazy cats.

So here are the pictures of the day

Day 65 - March 12th
Jack sent me a package and this is what was in it.
He is absolutley the sweetest. I love him.

Day 66 - March 13th
what I found in my cabinets today... haha

Silly kitties....

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to help Carlos again, so prayers for good weather and people wanting to donate to Team in Training, tomorrow. Then Sunday I am going to dinner at my inlaws and working. So I should be busy. Actually I am working pretty much everday this week. Yeah for that.

JMS - I love you. I am glad that you and Greg liked the package I sent. Your next one is being put together. I miss you and can't wait till we are back together again. Stay safe my heart.


Baby Jaden

So I went to see Baby Jaden the other day. He is getting so big and of course he is as adorable as ever. So this post is going to be some updated pictures of Mr Jaden.. being adorable.
He now smiles and giggles. It melts my heart. So sweet.

I am so going to miss him and his Mommy and Daddy when they move.
Enjoy the new pictures of cutey putey Mr Jaden.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really...didn't know that

So apparently sleep is something that my body has decided that I don't deserve.... not cool. Defnitely not cool.

I have not been able to sleep now for like, I don't know 2 weeks. What is with that? I mean no matter what I am going to be up by 6 am. So its not like this staying up late thing will mean that I will sleep in. Funny joke.. haha... yeah no.. my body is like 6 am....time to get up. What is up with that? Grrr.

So with me being up.... I figured why not blog again. So here I am writing to everyone.

These past few days I have been packing... a lot. I have realized that Jack and I have entirely too much stuff...and by too much... I mean think too much and multiply that by 100....and that is going to be a start of all the junk we have. It's crazy. I have learned that I have things that no one in their right mind needs...honestly...

I don't cook... I need to tell you this detail first... before I give you a list of the items I have discovered that I know...and obviously do not need... so here goes
- crock pot... never used once... had for 4 years... interesting... i think the only reason it is out of the box is because it didn't fit in the cabinet the other way
- quesidilla maker.... random I know... but surprisingly I have used this
- sandwhich maker.... obviously a necessicity... never took it out of the box
- an electric frying pan.... i may have used this once...possibly
- 5 complete sets of kitchen utensils... obviously I needed them... I had no idea I had them
- a food processor.... I couldn't even tell you when I acquired this one....
-2 hand mixers..... interesting... the one has the retractable cord like my hair dryer... therefore I like it
-3 sets of silverware.... and obviously with 2 people we use it all so much....

As I packe all this stuff... I got to thinking, where the heck did it all come from.... then it hit me.... Mom! See my mom is an amazing cook,....and apparently she feels that if I have the gadgets I too will be a good cook... not exactly working out for her.. but oh well.

So yeah.... the kitchen is almost packed...with all my random fun stuff...
The guest room is just aboout done.. the closet in there is filled with packed boxes...
Jack's closet is packed... part of my closet is started to be packed

Maybe with me not sleeping I should ge up and attempt some more... haha.. funny joke... nope.. I will lay here in bed and hope sleep comes soon.

I got to see baby Jaden today.. he is getting so big! And he giggles now.. too cute!!

Oh and I got a package from Jack today! Yeah!! How romantic is he. Amazing! I love him...

So yeah tomorrow will have fun pictures.. Cause today's activities will most likely be tomorrow's pictures of the day.

Okay all I am going to attempt sleep. Seneca is next to me passed out... and I think I should try and join her.
Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

JMS - Ilu and miss you. stay safe my heart.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching up with the pictures...

So I just realized that I haven't posted my pictures of the day for a bit... I have been taking them.... so today's post will just be updating and posting them all up.....

Day 52- Feb 27
My Crazy cats.....waiting for dinner

Day 53-  Feb 28
Maggie came to visit!!!

Day 54 - March 1
Mags at breakfast

Day 55 -  March 2
Silly Kitties hiding

Day 56 -  March 3
Empty bed... that I never seem to make anymore

Day 57 - March 4
Gorilla Baby is back... haha

Day 58 - March 5
applying for jobs... so here is my degree..

Day 59 -  March 6
started to pack....okay I got the bins out... but its a start... haha

Day 60 -  March 7
Helping a friend raise money for Team in Training...

Day 61 -  March 8
still packing.....

Day 62 -  March 9
a few of my favorite things... Seneca and the Mary Poppins movie!

Day 63 - March 10
made some progress on the packing... yeah me!

Day 64 -  March 11

Jack's Challenge Coins .. I need to find him a holder of some sorts....

Okay so now I feel better... I am all caught up. I can't fall this far behind again... cause thats no good.. haha.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

JMS - I love you and I miss you. Stay safe my heart!


Friday, March 6, 2009


So according to the donut of misery thing, we are 21% done with this deployment! Yeah for that. I still can't help but think.....not even a quarter of a way through, how the heck am I going to do this. But I know I will make it. I am just having a down day.

I think that happens, the down days. And you just need to pick yourself back up. Today I am having a hard time picking myself back up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

After a lot of talking to Jack and thinking about things, I left the job  I accepted. It wasn't for me and honestly was making me more upset than it was doing good. So I am back on the job search again. Hopefully something comes up soon. I applied to probably about 40 different things recently. So if you get a second, cross your fingers for me. 
The good thing is that one of our cars will be officially paid off this month! So I am excited about that. I have been paying for that thing since God nows when. So now it is almost done! Yeah!!!!

Back to the down day. I think a lot of things contribute to it. Honestly I miss Jack and that has a lot to do with it. I don't feel very productive at the moment. And I honestly am down because of the whole ttc thing. I don't know why I am thinking about that so much today, but I am. I feel like it isn't going to happen for us. And it makes me incredibly sad. I know that there are other couples out there like us, couples who battle the same struggle to conceive, and that helps me to get through the down days. To know that I am not alone.

Jack does everything he can to make me feel better, but he is half a world away. He did tell  me that he sent me a package. A surprise. That's my husband, sending me surprises from around the world. I love him with all I have. He does everything he can to take care of me. 

So anyways I am still taking the pictures of the day. But I decided to do them in a weekly post on saturdays. It will give me something to look forward to. So I will get on that tomorrow.

I hope that everyone is doing well.

JMS -  I love you. Stay safe my heart.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I have been doing a lot of thinking lately. I promise to post about when I have time but I have been working a lot, which is mostly what I have been thinking about.
I honestly don't know if I fit in this new position. I have a lot of thinking to do about it and a lot of yahoo chats with Jack to figure stuff out. 
So that's kind of why I have been missing for a bit. I will be back soon. 
Hope everyone is doing well.
JMS - I love you and miss you.