Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 15- Wordle

So today is Day 15....Each day is one day closer. I have to keep telling myself that.
For some reason today was harder than most days. I am not sure why. I mean I didn't do anything terribly different.

I have been lacking in writing a post with actual substance for quite some time. So I figured that I would fix that today, or at least try to.

Today I went on an interview for a new job. It seems promising and I am excited about new possibilities. Who knows how that will work out. If y'all have a minute maybe you could cross your fingers for me. Thanks!!

Also my brother in law stopped by today. So it was good to see him. I enjoy talking to someone other than my cats while at my house once in a while.

Speaking of the house, the progress is continuing in trying to sell. I have been cleaning like crazy and moving stuff around. Apparently I need to rearrange furniture to make things seem bigger. Whatever that means. All I know is I spent quite a bit of time today trying to figure out how to arrange my living room to make it seem the biggest. I had never given this much thought before but my realtor assures me that it is important. I figure she is the professional, she should know. She also told me to buy those glad plug in things......Dang...those things are strong. Holy Jeez! My house seems overwhelming of Jasmine. But if it makes it sold....then I am all for it. So we shall see.

I am working through this missing him thing. Slowly but surely I will survive. Our donut of misery says 5% that is a little sad. I wish it had a bigger number...and it will eventually.

I tried to upload pictures from today. I finished the scrapbook and I took a few pictures of some of the pages to show y'all, but the computer is not cooperating at this time. 
So in the meantime here is my wordle thing. I made it at Give it a try, its lots of fun. ( it didn't save quite as well as I would have liked....but here it is..)

Today's pictures will be up....once I can get the computer to cooperate with me.
 - Okay- it's now Thursday morning.....but I got the computer to here are yesterday's pictures....a preview of the scrapbook! yeah!

our Wedding Page.....<3

just some pictures of us....

Jonathan's Boot Camp Graduation page...returning to Parris Island (that almost sounds like the title of some creepy horror movie...haha)

Hope everyone has a great day!!!

JMS -  ILU...but of course you already knew that....hehe....


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Amy said...

I'm sorry you had a rough day! I hope tomorrow is better. :)

Give it a month or two and you'll start seeing the progress on that pesky donut. And the way I look at it is that 5% is days you never have to go through again so smile at that though, would ya? :D