Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Each day is one day closer

Okay... time to update the pictures of the day....

Day 133 - May 19th
Mr Kobe....

Day 134 - May 20th
Hello Kitty... in the house... you can tell it is raining out when Hello comes inside..haha

Day 135 - May 21st
had to get bloodwork done... ouch.. no fun

Day 136 - May 22nd
Happy Birthday Jonathan

Day 137 - May 23rd
Snoopy is silly

Day 138 - May 24th
Henry... haha.. silly cat

Day 139 - May 25th
Peanut's mug shot.... this is after she ran away again

Day 140 - May 26th
Magic won game 3! Only one more to go!!
The basketball net out front.... doesn't look quite right

Day 141 - May 27th
Crooked Carl... my favorite fish in the tank!!

So I hope everyone has a good week.

JMS - I love you and miss you!! finally over the hump


Monday, May 18, 2009

53%...over the hump!!

So I thought I would update y'all on what the donut of misery said...

53% over the hump!!! Woo Hoo!! Halfway done with this crazy thing! Yeah!!!
And here is an updated picture of the hearts... soo

Day 132 - May 18th
these things are growing!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!!
JMS - love you and miss you


Sunday, May 17, 2009

woah....way behind...

Woah.. I know I am way behind on posting... so I am going to try and catch up today... so bare with me...

Day 115- May 1st
so tempting..haha
Poor Peanut...

Day 116 - May 2nd
Our anniversary Happy 2 years Jack
Beautiful flowers from my love

Day 117 - May 3rd
Hanging out with friends
Jamie, Mayling and Krystae

Day 118 - May 4th
Snoopy's new do

Day 119 - May 5th
My loves.. Seneca and Kobe
Such good cuddlers!!

Day 120 - May 6th
Jonathan and Melissa

Day 121 - May 7th
Jonathan and Bubblegum

Day 122 - May 8th
Jonathan and Jordan

Day 123 - May 9th
Pretty Flowers from Colleen

Day 124 - May 10th
Happy Birthday Daddy!! and Happy Mother's Day
(an older picture.... but it's my daddy's birthday... so he gets the picture of the day honors)

Day 125 - May 11th
Busch Gardens with friends (was actually on sunday...but that was Daddy's day)

Day 126 - May 12th
Happy Birthday Maggie
(again an older picture... but birthday people get picture of the day honors!)

Day 127 - May 13th
My mother in law

Day 128 - May 14th
sleepy nuttie

Day 129 - May 15th
goofy pictures from Busch Gardens.... love em

Alice and Lisa


Day 130 - May 16th
My best friends birthday...
Happy Birthday Manda!!!!
(this is an older picture... but it is Manda's day.. so a picture of her)

Day 131 - May 17th
my husband loves me... hehe
the little things he left me to cuddle with

Whew! All caught up now! So everyone hope you have a good week!!!!
JMS- I miss you and love you!!