Sunday, October 9, 2011


So I have 2 weeks to go until Baby A is here... give or take. Well not exactly. I mean if she isn't here in 2 weeks, she is coming that day. How crazy is that? After waiting and praying for so long, now we are so close. I can say that Jack and I are completely ready. We have everything she could need. And she is spoiled. But thats okay. Her Daddy and I waited a long time for her so we are completely okay with spoiling her.
Okay now to update the pictures of the day.
Day 102 - Sunday October 2nd
My birthday man and me! Happy 2nd Birthday Bentley!!
Day 103 - Monday October 3rd
My helper at work. haha
Day 104 - Tuesday October 4th
Kobe causing trouble
Day 105 - Wednesday October 5th
New couch
Day 106 - Thursday October 6th
37 weeks Pregnant! Officially Full Term!!
Day 107- Friday October 7th
Kobe being all cute
Day 108 - Saturday October 8th Bentley was not happy
Day 109 - Sunday October 9th
A's bag is all packed to go for the hospital.

So we are winding down for this deployment and I couldn't be happier. Not much more time without my favorite person. I am thinking of doing the picture a day of Baby A. not sure yet. We will see.
Anyway hope all is well with everyone.
JMS- ilu. We are about to start our new adventure. I can't wait.

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