Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

I need to get back to my Tuesday updates. I know for a bit I might be a little busy as updating so I figure while I can I should update.
1. I <3 the show Biggest Loser. Its on right now and I love it. Amazing.
2. Bentley is afraid of Halloween decorations. It cracks me up. The neighbors put out a pumpkin door mat and Bentley barks at it. He sure is a big bad watch dog. haha
3. Our new couch is being delivered tomorrow!!! Jack found it and bought it online.
4. Baby A is on her way. I am actually in process to give birth now. Holy Wow. Who would have thought that our dream for so long is so close to coming true.
5. Jack is coming home sooner than we first thought. I am not going to lie but I am ridiculously excited about that.
6. I feel like A has already taken over our house. There is baby stuff in every room.
7. I get to see my parents on my birthday for the first time in 8 years!
8. I actually made a meal plan for October and November. So far I have been sticking to it. Woo Hoo!
9. I would not survive with out my dvr. I can't stay awake for longer than 4 hours at a time anymore.. unless of course it is 2am and then I can't sleep at all.
10. I am ridiculously proud of my little man who has been so good and actually mellowing out. Apparently he was waiting till he turned 2 to become a good dog. He has been such a snuggly, well behaved dog. I am beyond happy.
Okay.. That was our quick update.
JMS- we miss you. Can't wait till you are home with us! Not much longer now.

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