Saturday, October 1, 2011

Its October!!!!

So it is finally October! I am so excited about that. I can officially say that Jack will be home next month!! That is the best thing ever. Other great things are happening in October too!
Bentley turns 2 tomorrow. Hard to believe he is going to be a big boy.
My birthday is this month and for the first time in 8 years I will be able to see my parents for my birthday. Granted they fly in at 11pm but still.
Baby A is due to come this month too!
Exciting month for us!
70.3 % done!!!! So now we really are in the downward stretch. So excited!
Day 95 - Sunday September 25th
Got my Maternity Photos!!
Day 96 - Monday September 26th
Last packages needed for Baby A. We are all set now
Day 97 - Tuesday September 27th
My snuggly men
Day 98 - Wednesday September 28th
Present in the mail from Jack. Amazing Sunglasses
Day 99 - Thursday September 29th
36 Weeks Pregnant!! 9 Months!!
Day 100 - Friday September 30th
Getting the Hospital bag packed. Almost time!
Day 101 - Saturday October 1st
Bentley and Bentley playing and being silly

So thats our quick update! Hope all is well with everyone!
JMS - so proud of you. Not much longer now. Miss you and love you!!

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