Friday, November 11, 2011

20 Signs You love Someone in the Military...

I saw this list and thought it was so appropriate. I had to post and add my comments.
1. Your Cell phone is always in view. - Absolutely. And always on the loudest ring tone and every messaging service is forwarded to it.
2. You are an expert in the culinary field of which baked goods have the longest staying power. - I know how to pack cookies to make them last and I have about 10 recipes for cake in a jar.
3. You've mastered the smile and nod technique after countless dinners with his military buddies where the only time they involve you in the conversation is to ask how the kids are doing or how your job is. - This one is not so much true. Jack's military friends talk to me and involve me in a lot of conversations.
4. At one point or another you have made a list of things to tell your sweetie next time he calls during deployment. - Absolutely! I have those lists all the time.
5. You know the difference from an APO and a FOB. - Yep sure do!
6. Your home looks like it is decorated for 4th of July year round. - I admit we are moto. So yes this is true.
7. If your state doesn't sell alcohol on Sunday you don't worry because you can always get it from the PX. - We don't really drink so this one doesn't matter much to us.
8. You don't think twice looking at military time format. - Yup. I tend to use military time more.
9. Your neighbors think you are cheating on your guy with the mailman because you get so excited to see him. - Haha. This is more like the UPS guy at our house. I see him more than most people. And usually it is stuff Jack has sent. The UPS guy even knows the dog's name.
10. You find comfort knowing you can overpack for vacation since your man is used to carrying a much heavier rucksack around in hell-like temperatures. - Not so much here seeing as how I usually carry my own bags. But sometimes.
11. You can't watch Dear John without crying at least 5 times. - Yep! And any other show or movie that has Marines in it. Or the Veteran's Day commericials. I pretty much cry a lot.
12. The people at the post office know you by first name. - Yep. They sure do.
13. You have the urge to every single man or woman you see in uniform. - Not really but sometimes.
14. You wish they made cuter military bumper stickers so you could brag to the driver incessantly tailgating you during rush hour. - Not so much. One of our cars is moto, the other isn't. I am okay with that.
15. Hearing your girlfriend complain about her significant other leaving for the weekend makes you want to shake her uncontrollably (with love of course). - Yup! I get that missing your significant other is hard, no matter how long it is, but sometimes I wish people would remember who they are talking to and that some people may be missing their significant other for a lot longer.
16. You understand the importance of physical fitness. Mostly because your man will be a cranky mess if you don't have time to hit the gym. - Not really on this one. Jack supports me no matter what. But I am a cranky mess if I don't excercise.
17. You don't think twice about going to family dinner (with his family) if he is not around. - With some parts of his family -yes. I think I see them more than he does.
18. Hello Homecoming! You know exactly which one of your coats you look the thinnest in and have shopped one-too-many times for accessories to go with it. - Absolutely! I have planned my homecoming outfit from the day he left. haha.
19. You can tell whether he is having a good day or bad day by the way he says hello on the phone. - Yup! I think pretty much anyone can with their signifcant other, regardless of what job they do.
20. You can proudly say you are a better woman because of your military man. - Yes. But not because he is in the military. He inspires me. I think everyone should be with someone that inspires them to be a better person, but thats just me.
Okay... so what would you add? This list was published online. I know there are some I don't agree with, as I stated. And some I do agree with.
I want to take a moment to say Happy Veteran's Day to all those who have sacrificed and continue to do so, so that we may live in freedom. Remember that we live in the land of the free because of the brave. And please remember those who stand behind those who serve, the families that wait at home. Be thankful and remember these brave men and women always, not just one day a year.
"Let us not mourn the men who died, but let us thank God that such men lived!"
JMS- we are so proud of you and we love our veteran.
And Baby A too!

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