Saturday, September 24, 2011

So close...... yet not quite

Everything is starting to happen in our house. The UPS man has been here pretty much everyday with 2 more boxes expected on Monday. After that we will have everything we need and want for Baby A. Which is a good thing because my doctor let me know that she is "locked and loaded" and it could be any day now. I am hoping she holds out another 30 days, but who knows. Apparently Baby A has her own agenda. With Jack and I as parents I shouldn't have expected anything less. haha.

The donut puts us at 2 different numbers (for two different dates). We are either 58.8% done (our latest date) or 68.5% (the earliest date). I would love to go with the earliest date, of course. But either way we are moving along.

Okay now on to the pictures. You will notice Little Man has resurfaced in a lot of pictures. Having him gone for the summer was tough. Never again.

Day 89 - Monday September 19th
Little Man snuggling. Too cute

Day 90 - Tuesday September 20th
Lots of packages for Baby A
Day 91 - Wednesday September 21st
Little Man in his Halloween outfit. So cute
Day 92 - Thursday September 22nd
35 weeks pregnant!
Day 93 - Friday September 23rd
Baby A has lots of toys now!
Day 94 - Saturday September 24th
Baby A's dresser and my project for the weekend.. updating her baby book
There is also an appearance by Kobe... that is rare. haha

So that's a quick update on life here. Just waiting on the rest of our little family to get here so we can be whole again. Not much longer.

Hope all is well with everyone!

JMS - Miss you so much. I love you!!


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Katherine Lynn said...

I love your blog. PS check your baby bath before hand. We had the same one and it leaked everywhere!!!!! Her room is adorable and I love all the cute wall hangings. Im also glad to see Bentley is back to his normal self.