Tuesday, October 11, 2011

10 on Tuesday

I am updating on Tuesday 2 weeks in a row. Go me. Now don't count on this happening all the time, especially after Baby A comes but for now I am going with it.
1. We are 76% done with this deployment. Yep less than 1/4 left. Yeah!!
2. Bentley apparently enjoys barking at everyone. Bribing him with toys and bones has become common place so I can work.
3. My neighbor Lacey is nothing short of amazing. Her friendship is such a blessing. She has offered to do my grocery shopping for me and watch Bentley so I can sleep. I love that girl.
4. Baby A will be here soon. I feel like it is an answer to our prayers and I can't wait to see her little face.
5. That being said, Baby A does need to wait. At least until my birthday. I need people here to at least get me to the hospital. So hold on little on.
6. Our cat Kobe has finally learned how to fight back to Bentley. He should have learned this a long time ago. Bentley deserves some of the swats he gets. He torments that poor cat.
7. I feel like I spend a lot of time at the dr's office. I am looking forward to not having to go there every week in a little bit.
8. I am trying to wrap things up with work. Hopefully I can get everything done but I keep getting projects added.
9. I have literally one more weekend before my out of town guests, aka my parents, come. Lets hope I can get everything done.
10. I truly don't think I can live without my dvr. I fall asleep everynight around 7-8:30 or so and I need to watch Jeopardy. So thank you dvr for allowing me to continue with that habit.
So that was my quick update. Hope all is well with everyone.
JMS - so proud of you. Ilu

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