Thursday, November 10, 2011

She's Official

Yep you read that right. Baby A is official. We got her birth certificate and social security card. And her umbilical cord is gone. Our little princess is all official.
She is really a good little baby. She loves her bathes and I am pretty sure last night she laughed at me. It made me smile so big. I can't wait until her Daddy is home to hear her sweet little giggles. Right now she is enjoying some turtle time as we call it. Basically she is napping in her pack n play which has a turtle mobile on it. haha.
Here are the pictures of the day.

Day 15 - Monday November 7th 2011
Naked Baby playing on the couch
2 pictures for Day 15 - cause she is too cute
Day 16 - Tuesday November 8th 2011
Going for a walk with Mommy
Day 17 - Wednesday November 9th 2011
Trying out her bouncer. Not yet a fan...
Day 18 - Thursday November 10th 2011
She is Official!! Birth Certificate and Social Security Card
Day 18 again
Happy Birthday Marine Corps!! Celebrating with her Marine Corps blanket
Day 18 one more time
Daddy's Little Marine. She apparently did not want her picture taken.

So that is our quick update. Hope all is well with everyone.

JMS- Happy Birthday our favorite Marine. We love and miss you! Can't wait till you are home.

and Baby A too!

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