Sunday, July 31, 2011


Thats right 29.4% done. Tomorrow is August. I am beyond excited. Time is flying by.
Here are the pictures of the day.

Day 35 - Wednesday July 27th.

Cuddling with Mr Bentley

This was during our failed attempt to give Lacey's hair brown highlights. Lesson learned wait at least 48 hours to dye hair that has just been dyed. Thankfully Gwen fixed it.

Day 36 -Thursday July 28th

27 weeks pregnant!

Day 37 - Friday July 29th

Lazy Kitty taking up Jack's spot on the bed... silly Kobe

Day 38 - Saturday July 30th

Relaxing with some movies. Love Netflix

Day 39 - Sunday July 31st

Got A's baby book. Now just have to fill it out.

Hope everyone has a great week ahead of them. August will be a busy month for me. One more work trip and heading to Buffalo for a baby shower. And its ones month closer to A's arrival and Jack coming home!!

JMS - ilu and I miss you.... Stay strong my love.


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