Sunday, July 17, 2011

22.6 % done!!

So today I have a busy day so I am posting the pictures of the day and then I will update later.

Day 20 - Tuesday July 12th

Apparently Kobe wanted to come on my business trip with me. haha

Day 21 - Wednesday July 13th

My boss paid for pedicures! Now I have cute toes

Day 22 - Thursday July 14th
Work dinner... between 2 people we had 5 cell phones.. a litte much huh. haha

Day 22 - again

25 weeks Pregnant

Day 23 - Friday July 15th
Working from home. Lots to get done

Day 23 again
Such a good helper with my work. haha

Day 24- Saturday July 16th!
Presents in the Mail!!

First box- Aubrey's Daddy Doll! How cute!

Box 2 - the stuff for Aubrey's monkey bathroom! Yeah!!!

Now I need to go and get ready to meet my sister for dinner! Yeah! Super excited about that.

Hope everyone has a great week!

JMS - ilu and miss you!!!