Friday, July 8, 2011

18.4 %

Yup! You read that right. We are 18.4 % done with this deployment! Woo Hoo! Time is flying by. I get excited everytime the percentage goes up.

Today was busy. I had an appointment with my new doctor. The joys of switching insurance in the middle of the pregnancy. The positive is that Aubrey is right on track and this doctor will also allow us to Skype the birth. That being said Jack will be able to watch his daughter being born. I am excited about that.

Tonight is my much awaited taco and movie night with my neighbor. Yeah! Should be fun. And tomorrow we are having a craft day. I know it sounds nerdy but we are excited. The little things that keep me going during deployment.

Oh and the fact that my sister is planning an awesome baby shower. I am so excited about it. And she will be the host of my shower here in FL too. I am getting more and more excited about Aubrey's arrival. I have to call to make an appointment to tour the hospital soon. I am 6 months pregnant already. Crazy huh?

Now on to the pictures of the day...

Day 13 - Tuesday July 5th

Spoiled kitty and his favorite toy

Day 14 - Wednesday July 6th

Starting Aubrey's stash of diapers

Day 15 - Thursday July 7th
Super moto truck on the way to Tampa. I had to take a picture

2nd picture for Thursday
24 weeks! 6 Months Pregnant.

Day 16 - Friday July 8th
Kobe finds the most interesting places to hide. Weird Cat.

Hope all is well with everyone and that everyone had a good week.

JMS- Ilu so very much and I miss you!



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Colleen said...

Rotate your pictures crazy! <3

I am sooo glad that you finally look pregnant. I makes me happy