Wednesday, July 20, 2011

July is flying by

Wow... can't believe that July is halfway over. That makes me happy. This deployment is flying by. I love it.
This week has been pretty busy. Jody, Jeff and Madisyn are in FL for a visit which has been awesome. I have been spending some time with a friend that needed it and come tomorrow I am getting a houseguest for the weekend, Bentley the cockalier. It should be fun. I am looking forward to having a dog again for a little bit. I miss my little man.
Oh and there are officially 99 days till A's due date! I am so excited about that. I bought my plane ticket to go home for my shower yesterday. Everything is falling into place. Sunday I am going to go to Jack's grandparents to visit a bit and talk about the FL shower. Plans are coming along for that shower as well. A is one lucky little lady. I am super excited about that.

So now on to the pictures of the day. I am doing better about taking good pictures. Last deployment it was a lot of pictures of the cats. This deployment I am actually doing fun things, somewhat, so there are better pictures.

Day 25 - Sunday July 17th

Dinner at Chef Mickey's with my niece Madisyn

Day 26 - Monday July 18th

He always looks so comfortable.. silly cat

Day 27 - Tuesday July 19th
My "Thank You for being a Friend" gift from Lacey. Its pretty awesome.
Its got a maternity shirt, snack cakes, oreos, reeses and more cookies, and the sweetest card. Plus I can use the basket in A's room. Its awesome! She knows me. haha
Day 28 - Wednesday July 20th
Madisyn on a Gator. She is brave. I wasn't doing that. haha

Hope everyone has a great week.

JMS - ilu and I am proud of you!!! Stay safe my heart!!



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