Monday, July 11, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

So this is a crazy busy week for me. And by crazy busy, I mean crazy busy.
Just a few of the things that I need to get done:
A huge project for work - that involves me staying the night in Tampa from tomorrow until Thursday
Bloodwork for the baby
Work on plans for FL baby shower for my sister
Work on Jack's 2nd package
Today I contacted a ton of different places we needed to get a hold of in order to get stuff together
Oh and in between all this I am working on growing a baby, keeping a house clean and keeping a very anti social cat somewhat happy that I live in the same apartment as him. haha.

Best part of this week is by far the fact that my sister and niece will be here at the end of the week. So excited. It amazes me that my niece is going to be 9. Seriously when did she get so big. She was supposed to be little forever. I think someone forgot to tell her that.

Okay on to the pictures of the day:

Day 17- Saturday June 9th

Presents from the Middle East - I am spoiled

Day 18 - Sunday June 10th

Craft Day- Kobe is oh so helpful in creating packages...Silly Cat

Day 19- Monday July 19th

My "Office". I love being able to work from home. And yes I wear sweats and a t-shirt when I am working from home. I don't think people care much what I am wearing then and its comfy.

Oh and I got to wake up today talking to Jack. Yep! Great way to start a Monday or anyday. I am pretty lucky.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

JMS- we love you and miss you. Thinking of you always!!



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