Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yep thats right... 33.7% done with this deployment. Time is actually moving. Yeah!! Now to update the pictures of the day.

Day 40- Monday August 1st

New Month on the Calendar!!

Day 41 - Tuesday August 2nd

An old picture... but it is to celebrate our 5th Anniversary of being together

Our first picture together!

Day 42 - Wednesday August 3rd

Got a parking spot! Yeah no more driving all around

Day 43 - Thursday August 4th
28 Weeks Pregnant!! 7 Months

Day 44 - Friday August 5th
Lazy Kitty eating his treat

Day 45 - Saturday August 6th
Doing some research

Day 46 - Sunday August 7th
Lazy Sunday

Day 47 - Monday August 8th
Silly Man sits by the door waiting for Bentley and Jack

Day 48 - Tuesday August 9th
Presents for A in the mail

Day 48 again
Kobe got a gift too... the box haha

So thats a quick update! Hope everyone is doing well!!

JMS - I miss you and I am so incredibly proud of you!! ilu



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