Friday, March 6, 2009


So according to the donut of misery thing, we are 21% done with this deployment! Yeah for that. I still can't help but think.....not even a quarter of a way through, how the heck am I going to do this. But I know I will make it. I am just having a down day.

I think that happens, the down days. And you just need to pick yourself back up. Today I am having a hard time picking myself back up. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. 

After a lot of talking to Jack and thinking about things, I left the job  I accepted. It wasn't for me and honestly was making me more upset than it was doing good. So I am back on the job search again. Hopefully something comes up soon. I applied to probably about 40 different things recently. So if you get a second, cross your fingers for me. 
The good thing is that one of our cars will be officially paid off this month! So I am excited about that. I have been paying for that thing since God nows when. So now it is almost done! Yeah!!!!

Back to the down day. I think a lot of things contribute to it. Honestly I miss Jack and that has a lot to do with it. I don't feel very productive at the moment. And I honestly am down because of the whole ttc thing. I don't know why I am thinking about that so much today, but I am. I feel like it isn't going to happen for us. And it makes me incredibly sad. I know that there are other couples out there like us, couples who battle the same struggle to conceive, and that helps me to get through the down days. To know that I am not alone.

Jack does everything he can to make me feel better, but he is half a world away. He did tell  me that he sent me a package. A surprise. That's my husband, sending me surprises from around the world. I love him with all I have. He does everything he can to take care of me. 

So anyways I am still taking the pictures of the day. But I decided to do them in a weekly post on saturdays. It will give me something to look forward to. So I will get on that tomorrow.

I hope that everyone is doing well.

JMS -  I love you. Stay safe my heart.


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