Sunday, March 29, 2009

Catching Up

Okay so here are the pictures of the day... I have a lot.. sorry I let it get so far behind... oops....

Day 67 - March 14th
Helping my friend again with Team in Training.
This was at Red Bug and Tuskawilla

Day 68 - March 15
Watching the Shuttle Launch
I had to figure out the flash with this one

Day 69 - March 16
Miss Reeses
Woah She is getting huge!

Day 70 March 17
Snuggles... Scooby and Peanut
The one rare moment he isn't growling because someone is too close to his ball

Day 71- March 18
Kitchen is all packed up
Probably should have kept some dishes out though...oops...

Day 72 March 19
Living room is packed up

Day 73 March 20
2nd Bedroom is all packed up!

Day 74 March 21
Our bedroom is finally packed!

Day 75 March 22
Seneca snuggling in her favorite spot.... Jack's spot on the bed

Day 76 March 23
Just Me

Day 77 March 24
Update on the hearts.. had to move them to a piece of paper

Day 78 March 25
My pretty flowers....from my amazing husband

Day 79 March 26
Playing the box from the flowers from Jack
Silly Seneca

Day 80 March 27
Seneca testing out her new envrionment.

Hope everything is going well with everyone.
JMS - I love you and I miss you. Stay safe my heart!

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