Thursday, March 12, 2009

Really...didn't know that

So apparently sleep is something that my body has decided that I don't deserve.... not cool. Defnitely not cool.

I have not been able to sleep now for like, I don't know 2 weeks. What is with that? I mean no matter what I am going to be up by 6 am. So its not like this staying up late thing will mean that I will sleep in. Funny joke.. haha... yeah no.. my body is like 6 am....time to get up. What is up with that? Grrr.

So with me being up.... I figured why not blog again. So here I am writing to everyone.

These past few days I have been packing... a lot. I have realized that Jack and I have entirely too much stuff...and by too much... I mean think too much and multiply that by 100....and that is going to be a start of all the junk we have. It's crazy. I have learned that I have things that no one in their right mind needs...honestly...

I don't cook... I need to tell you this detail first... before I give you a list of the items I have discovered that I know...and obviously do not need... so here goes
- crock pot... never used once... had for 4 years... interesting... i think the only reason it is out of the box is because it didn't fit in the cabinet the other way
- quesidilla maker.... random I know... but surprisingly I have used this
- sandwhich maker.... obviously a necessicity... never took it out of the box
- an electric frying pan.... i may have used this once...possibly
- 5 complete sets of kitchen utensils... obviously I needed them... I had no idea I had them
- a food processor.... I couldn't even tell you when I acquired this one....
-2 hand mixers..... interesting... the one has the retractable cord like my hair dryer... therefore I like it
-3 sets of silverware.... and obviously with 2 people we use it all so much....

As I packe all this stuff... I got to thinking, where the heck did it all come from.... then it hit me.... Mom! See my mom is an amazing cook,....and apparently she feels that if I have the gadgets I too will be a good cook... not exactly working out for her.. but oh well.

So yeah.... the kitchen is almost packed...with all my random fun stuff...
The guest room is just aboout done.. the closet in there is filled with packed boxes...
Jack's closet is packed... part of my closet is started to be packed

Maybe with me not sleeping I should ge up and attempt some more... haha.. funny joke... nope.. I will lay here in bed and hope sleep comes soon.

I got to see baby Jaden today.. he is getting so big! And he giggles now.. too cute!!

Oh and I got a package from Jack today! Yeah!! How romantic is he. Amazing! I love him...

So yeah tomorrow will have fun pictures.. Cause today's activities will most likely be tomorrow's pictures of the day.

Okay all I am going to attempt sleep. Seneca is next to me passed out... and I think I should try and join her.
Have a great day tomorrow everyone!

JMS - Ilu and miss you. stay safe my heart.


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