Friday, March 13, 2009

And the packing continues

So the packing is continuing. I finally think I may see an end in sight. Hopefully. I have about 35-40 boxes packed and probably about 10 boxes left to go.

I have the glasses in the kitchen, a few more dishes and the canisters and knife block. The bedding and a few linens and then one bathroom left to pack. I figure I need these things, so that is why they are currently not packed. Although I do plan on packing most of the glasses sometime this weekend.

Then it is time to clean. That will be fun.

The cats think that I am creating them a playground. Haha. They keep climbing in the boxes and in and out of the cabinets. Crazy cats.

So here are the pictures of the day

Day 65 - March 12th
Jack sent me a package and this is what was in it.
He is absolutley the sweetest. I love him.

Day 66 - March 13th
what I found in my cabinets today... haha

Silly kitties....

Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to help Carlos again, so prayers for good weather and people wanting to donate to Team in Training, tomorrow. Then Sunday I am going to dinner at my inlaws and working. So I should be busy. Actually I am working pretty much everday this week. Yeah for that.

JMS - I love you. I am glad that you and Greg liked the package I sent. Your next one is being put together. I miss you and can't wait till we are back together again. Stay safe my heart.


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