Sunday, September 11, 2011

Over Halfway Done!!

Yup we are over halfway done with this thing. Pretty excited about that. Its all down hill from here.

Bentley is finally home! Yeah!! He flew in with my sister on Thursday. Right now he is currently snuggled up next to me as I type. I love that. He really is a good little dog.

Only 6 weeks left till Baby A gets here! Craziness huh? I think we are almost ready. My sister and I are going to go to Babies R Us today and get the last needed things that we didn't already get so we are set just in case. I get nervous hearing about all these babies coming early. Just want to make sure we are prepared when she comes.

We had a baby celebration yesterday with friends. Its was great and of course Baby A was spoiled. She is one lucky little girl. She has some great people in her life.

Now I will get to the pictures of the day.

Day 73 - Saturday September 3rd
Our Goddaughter's First Birthday
Happy Birthday Adalynn!!
Day 74 - Sunday September 4th
Snuggling with Bentley from next door
Day 75 - Monday September 5th
Finishing up some thank you cards from gifts for Baby A
Day 76 - Tuesday September 6th
Enjoying his last few days before his brother comes home.
Day 77 - Wednesday September 7th
Lazy Kitty.
Day 78 - Thursday September 8th
33 Weeks Pregnant!!
Almost Time
Day 79 - Friday September 9th
Aunt Jody helping Bentley go see Daddy. haha Silly
Day 80 - Saturday September 10th
Lots of gifts for Baby A
Day 80 again
Baby A's Thanksgiving outfit. So cute. Definitely thankful for Daddy

I hope everyone is doing well! We are just finishing up getting ready for Baby A to arrive and then hopefully not soon after her Daddy to come home.
JMS - you always make me smile. Heal fast my love.
Miss you!!
Have a great week everyone.

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