Monday, September 5, 2011

So close.....49.4%....

Yep...49.4% done. I would love for it to be 50% but not quite there yet. Almost.
So I decided to do a 10 on Monday. I fully know it doesn't quite work but I am okay with that. I figure its my blog so I will do it how I want.
1. I have been a super lucky wife lately. Jack has called me a lot and I even got to see him on Skype the other day. Definitely was amazing.
2. Our goddaughter had her first birthday party this weekend. Hard to believe she is one already. Wow.
3. For that matter our neice is 9. When did she get that old. She was supposed to stay little forever. Apparently she didn't get that memo.
4. Baby A is coming.. soon. Its crazy that now we have less than 7 weeks to go. Seems like time is flying by.
5. Little Man comes home this week. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I missed my dog.
6. I am dogsitting now and this dog is not even close to the cuddle bug that my little guy is. Maybe cause this little dog is throughly intrigued with Kobe and Kobe is not wanting anything to do with it.
7. This week is the craziest busy week and I am totally okay with it. I am excited to be getting a lot accomplished.
8. After this weekend Jack and I will have a plan to buy whatever else is needed for baby A and her room should be done before next weekend.
9. Putting together baby stuff is not my area of expertise. I am not good at it. Good thing my husband is more mechanical than me and has good friends that help us when I can't figure it out.
10. Apparently I can't sleep enough. I sleep all the time now. Its a fun time. Unless I am up to talk to Jack I am generally sleep at least 10-11 hours a night. So different from what I am used to.
So yeah, thats my quick update.
Hope all is well with everyone.
JMS - I miss you and Ilu.

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