Friday, September 2, 2011

Almost Halfway

We are close to being halfway done!! So excited about that. So much is happening in the next few weeks. We have less than 8 weeks to go before Baby A should make her appearance. So much to do to get ready.

Lets see a quick update. I got to see Jack today via Skype. It was amazing. I can't even begin to tell you. This was the first time I got to see him since he left. I can't even begin to stop smiling.

My sister is coming to visit next week and she is bringing little man home! I am super excited about that. I successfully installed a new bigger gate to prepare for his arrival. I was all proud of myself seeing as how the installation involved using a drill.

Next week starts some crazy business for me. Monday at least I have off for Labor day. Tuesday is the dr and Wednesday I meet A's dr. Thursday Jody and little man come and then Saturday is my FL baby shower. Sunday we get maternity pictures done and the following Monday is my hospital tour. Craziness right.

We are close to having everything ready for baby A. Just a few more things needed. We are defintiely blessed to have such amazing friends and family who have given us such generous gifts.

So now I will update the pictures of the day.

Day 66- Saturday August 27th
Adam and a friend putting together the last of Baby A's furniture.
Day 67 - Sunday August 28th
Little Bentley and his friend Max
Day 68 - Monday August 29th
Baby A's bathroom
Day 69 - Tuesday August 30th
Starting to look like a baby lives here...
Day 70- Wednesday August 30th
Adalynn's first birthday gifts all wrapped. Her party is Saturday
Day 71 - Thursday September 1st
32 Weeks Pregnant!!!
Day 72 - Friday September 2nd
Baby A's car seat and stroller so she can go running with Daddy

So that's a quick update. Tomorrow is our goddaughter's first birthday party. So those pictures will be fun. Right now I have a little houseguest, Lacey's Bentley. We are enjoying some snuggles.
JMS - best thing ever to see you today. I was so happy. I love you insanely much and I miss you more than you could possibly know.

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