Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting Closer now!!

So time is moving along. It is a little over a month till Baby A gets here. Little man is home and causing trouble and we are all ready for Baby A to come. Jack should be back soon. According to the donut of misery we are now actually 65% of the way done. I can't tell you how excited I am for that! So happy.
So now on to some pictures, cause I have been pretty busy.
Day 81 - Sunday September 11th
My beautiful flowers from my amazing husband and my big man
Day 82- Monday September 12th
Went on a tour of the hospital I am delivering at today. Getting so close to Baby A's due date
Day 83 - Tuesday September 13th
Little Man looks like he is the one working. haha
Day 84 - Wednesday September 14th
Little Man was so good getting his nails clipped that he got a toy as a reward.
Day 85 - Thursday September 15th
34 Weeks Pregnant!! Getting There
Day 86 - Friday September 16th
Jack's award came home in the mail. So proud of him!!
Day 87 - Saturday September 17th
Baby A's letters for her room are done. Here is a sneak peek
Day 88 - Sunday September 18th
Aubrie and I at Becky's baby shower. She kept hugging my tummy and talking to the Baby. It was adorable. She kept wanting Baby A to come out and play.
So thats a quick update on us. I am excited to say time is moving by quickly.
I am now looking forward to the arrival of Baby A and then her Daddy coming home. Hopefully soon.
Hope all is well with everyone.
JMS - so incredibly proud of you! I miss you and we love you!!!

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