Saturday, June 4, 2011

Week 1

So Jack has been gone for about a week now. I think I took it much better this time. The first time I fell apart, like literally fell apart. I cried all the time and was just a complete mess. This time I did better. Granted I was busy for work and I have some other things to concentrate on as well. I really think that helps. This deployment I am going to be busy.. very busy.

So in the past week I was out of town for work, experienced some ridiculous airport drama, packed more of our house to move, and continued to research things for Aubrey's upcoming arrival. All of these things kept me busy enough that I didn't cry nearly as much as I did the last time. I am proud of myself for that. Don't get me wrong its still hard and I miss Jack with everything I have, but on the outside I am handling things much better this time.

So during deployment #2 I have a lot going on. I have work which keeps me insanely busy. I was in CT this past week, next week I will be in DC, then the week after Buffalo/Rochester. I am busy. My next 2-3 weeks are jam packed. I drive to Miami monday, fly to DC Tuesday, fly back on Thursday, fly to Buffalo Saturday, fly back to Orlando Father's Day, then spend the next week making day trips to Tampa, having dr's appointments and oh moving to a new apartment. So yeah I am busy. Not to mention I am growing a baby as well.

Speaking of growing a baby, things are going well in that case. Aubrey is finally making an appearance and I have a bit of a baby bump. She moves whenever I am on the phone with her Daddy. Its like she knows. She is so smart already. I am excited for her continued growing and her arrival in October. Her Daddy picked out some adorable clothes for her and I can't wait to dress her in them and show her Daddy how beautiful she is. Jack and I are both already madly in love with our little girl.

Things are going. I won't say I am completely happy with what's going on because honestly I would be so much happier if my husband was here and was with me. But that is life. I miss him and will miss him for awhile. But I will get through it. I am going to kick this deployments butt... just to put the deployment on notice again. haha.

Hope everyone is well.

2.3 % done with this deployment!!! Getting there. Every little bit is good.

JMS - I miss you and I love you. I am so insanely proud of you and am the luckiest woman alive to have such an amazing husband. Stay Safe my love.

Amanda and Baby A

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