Wednesday, June 29, 2011

14.2 % done!!!

Okay... So I am updating again relatively quickly. Go me! I just had stuff to say today so I am updating.

I went to a specialist appointment for Aubrey today. I have pictures but until Jack sees them I will wait to post them. Everything is great. Aubrey's heart looks perfect according to her doctor. That was a huge relief. The doctor thinks that Aubrey will be here no later than October 19th. Who knows. She is on her own schedule. Right now she is breech. Apparently her feet in my rib cage are fun to her. The doctor also said that he thinks she will be at most 8 lbs and that is if she stays on the track she is and goes all the way to her due date of October 27th. So thats a lot of ifs. The good part about all this is that I got to talk to Jack today and let him know all this.

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a relief it is to know that Aubrey is growing on track and healthy. I don't know that I really let myself get excited about her arrival until today. I wanted to make sure that everything was okay. And it is. It is such a relief. Jack and I feel so blessed.

Now on to the pictures of the day.

Day 6 - Tuesday June 28th

Our patio. Definitely need to do something with that.

Day 7 - Wednesday June 29th
had the carpets at the old apartment cleaned. They look so much better!

Second picture for today... couldn't help it

My little dinner guest - Bentley. Isn't he adorable?

The new apartment is awesome. I love it. And I have an awesome neighbor. A girl that has a dog named Bentley, likes crafts and Lil Wayne and likes to eat. Could it get any better? I can see Lacey and I becoming fast friends. We had dinner at my house today. Next week we are going to have dinner at Lacey's and then a craft weekend date. How much fun. I know I am a geek but its okay because she likes the same things. I can see this deployment going by a lot easier if I have a friend right next door.

So yeah.. the title. We are already 14.2% done with this deployment. That's exciting. Time is flying by. I love it. Each day is another day closer to Aubrey's birth and then another day closer to homecoming. I can't wait.

Hope everyone is having a good week.

JMS - ilu and i miss you! I love that I have gotten to talk to you as much as I did the past few days. I am a lucky girl. Stay safe and stay strong my heart!



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