Sunday, June 5, 2011


Oh Facebook. That website however good intentioned can be so drama filled. It cracks me up. Is there such a thing as facebook ettiquite because I think we need some.

First you have the people that you went to elementary school with that friend you but you haven't talked to in years and you feel bad not accepting. Then you have people that are friends of friends that send requests. I am never quite sure on those. Then there are the people that friend you and delete you at a moments notice and you are never quite sure why. I try not to pay too much attention but when I get a friend request from a person I was pretty sure I was friends with I wonder what happened.

Then there are the statuses. You know the ones that say repost if so and so. Those drive me nuts. I get we all have issues in life but do you really think that by reposting a status it is going to do something. I actually don't care much what people put in their status. To each their own. Its just those repost ones that drive me bonkers. Oh and the people that Typ3 LiKe thIS.

And then the pictures. The people that put up 18 pictures of the same exact thing. We got it the first time. I mean seriously your one strand of hair moved an inch so you took a picture...awesome. Or the constant mirror pictures people take of themselves and then say " I look ugly". I know they are looking for compliments but I refuse to give in. On a side note I am not in any way talking about pregnant women taking pictures of baby bellys, those are super cute and really can only be done in the mirror for some.

Facebook can be such a cause of drama. Its hysterical. Why block people if you think they don't matter? I mean is it really that important to you? Or why talk crap about other people on a website? It definitely isn't cool.

I just find facebook to be entertaining because it is more drama than high school. It cracks me up. That being said I know I am never going to give facebook up, it entertains me too much.

Hope everyone is doing well.

JMS - love you and miss you....alot...

Amanda and Baby A

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