Sunday, June 19, 2011


So Jack reminded me that I needed to write in my blog more. I know this but have been crazy busy so I am going to try a 10 on Sunday to update some and come back and add pictures later. So here goes.

1. Work is keeping me insanely busy. In the past two weeks I have been home 2 days, much to the annoyance of Kobe, and have been to DC, Baltimore, Cleveland, Buffalo, Rochester and Erie. Yeah busy.

2. Kobe does not enjoy me being gone all the time. He is just now coming to say hello and I have been home 2 hours. Finicky cat.

3. I got to see Bentley when I was in Buffalo. I cried when I left him. That dog is my baby. And he can be a brat at times. He stole Chester's bone. Silly B.

4. I miss Jack insanely much but I am finding this deployment easier than the first. Maybe its because I am so busy.

5. Things are coming along for Aubrey's room. Her crib and swing and dresser are here. While I still have to go and pick up her dresser, it apparently came while I was gone.

6. My sister is due a month after me. Its awesome to go through pregnancy with my sister. I love it.

7. We are moving in less than a week. I have to finish packing. Packing tacks awhile and its a lot of work. Whew.

8. I saw Amanda when I was in Buffalo. Amazing. Definitely made my week.

9. Jack and I are really getting a lot accomplished during this deployment. I am super proud of us and whats happening.

10. My dvr is insanely full. I need to work on getting that down. haha. Oh and I got Jack Netflix... hopefully that is good.

So yeah a quick update. I promise to write more later.

JMS- so proud of you. ilu and i miss you.

Hope all is well with everyone.


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Katherine Lynn said...

why are you traveling so much? Also Im gonna need the new address. Im so excited for the both of you.