Wednesday, February 25, 2009


So things are going well. Well as well as can be expected. I miss my husband, but honestly thats a given. I have heard from him a few times in the past few days and hopefully that will increase once he gets settled at the place he will spend the majority of his time at. 

I think each day is a day forward. One less day I have to miss my husband, cause I already handled that one. I have been talking to another wife in our unit a lot. I find myself giving her advice and realizing that I should be following my own advice.  So I just need to get through each day.

Things are going to get a lot easier for me to stay busy and definitely a lot easier for us financially. I was offered a new job the other day and I accepted it. I will now be working full time at a school as a career services placement counselor. Definitely will keep me busy. And the best part is that it will allow the debt that I have been slowing paying for quite some time to reduce drastically. 

So my goal for this deployment is to pay down my debt as much as possible. My car is just about paid off (1 more payment) yeah!!!!!!!! Then the credit card debt, that was consolidated is slowly but surely getting paid down. I can't wait to be done with that. I am excited to pay my car off and add that money to my debt payment. 

Part of becoming more financially secure for us (not that we aren't already) is saving more money. I have thought long and hard about how to do this. And so has Jack. After talking with my inlaws, it has been decided that once this house sells, instead of wasting money on rent, I am going to stay at my inlaws until Jack comes home, approximately 4 or 5 months after everything is said and done. I will be paying for storage but not rent. It will definitely allow us to pay things off and increase our savings. I am quite happy with this. So Seneca and Kobe and I will live  there. 

Lets see what else...oh Maggie is coming down this weekend!! YEAH!! So excited for that. We are going to spend some much needed girl time together. It will be great. So I should have great pictures from this coming weekend.

Speaking of pictures... here are the past few days...

Day 48 - Feb 23
Had dinner at my inlaws... look at how sweet Peanut and Bubblegum are

Day 49 - Feb 24... 
My babies

Day 50 -  Feb 25
Ash Wednesday....I went to mass.. I am giving up Chocolate for Lent... lets see how that goes....

Hope everyone is having a great day!

JMS - I love you and I miss you... stay safe my heart


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