Friday, February 20, 2009


Okay so today I am going to update y'all on the hearts and what our donut of misery says. I know it is a little bit of cheating cause I saw Jack, but according to our unit this deployment started January 7th and to be honest it makes me feel better to know I have already gotten through this I am going with it. haha
Anyway here is Day 45's picture

The donut of misery says, 16% done!!! Still a long long way to go, but hey at least we are in the double digits of what is done. I like that.
As for the donut of misery....I sometimes question why it is called that. I mean I know deployments aren't fun. I know they aren't easy. But isn't it like rubbing salt in someone's wounds to call it misery. I mean you and I both know, this isn't a picnic. I just don't need to be reminded of that constantly.
People ask some really odd questions when they find out you are the spouse of a service member, they get even weirder when they discover he/she is deployed. I sometimes wonder if people have a brain at all.

Some questions I have gotten are....

Don't you miss him -  really this is a no brainer...of course I do...I don't need you to remind me

How do you do it -  how anyone else does it. I love my husband so I do what I need to do..

So I am guessing you don't support the war - Really why does that matter. My husband does his doesn't matter if I support the war or not. Its not like I can call up the president and be like "um yeah could you send my husband home." dumb.

Are you afraid he won't come home - please please please never ask a significant other of a deployed Marine or solider this... it is the stupidest question ever. Of course I am scared. I cry sometimes thinking about it... but honestly that is not something I can think about...I need to be positive...and stupid questions like that...don't help

I honestly think that someone people just say things without first realizing the effect it could have. 
I wonder if people even know what it is like to not sleep because the nightmares cause you to wake up bawling each night. 
I wonder if people know that avoiding the news channels is something you try desperately to do...but you can't, like it is an addiction.
I wonder if people who cry because they miss their spouse who has been gone for a week or 2, know that military wives handle so much more, and have no concrete details as to when they will be back.

I guess I just wonder sometimes. 

Anyway this post went a little off track... but those are my thoughts today.

I hope everyone is having a good friday. I am going to get back on track with posting each day.

JMS - I love you. Stay safe my heart.



Amy said...

My favorite was when I was home and I told people where he was they'd say "oh..." and think for a minute then say "well Obama's gonna bring him home!" And I'd respond with "yeah and send him straight to afghanistan" and they'd say "oh...yeah i guess you're right"

gahh! I hate people.

Keep hangin in there. I know it's not easy but you'll get through it! I feel like I'm your little cheerleader but seriously, you CAN do it! :)

Colleen said...

Amanda you freakin kick ass. The best you can do is put on a happy face and ignore stupidity. And then blog about it of course lol. And Visit CA!