Sunday, February 22, 2009


I never realized how attached I would become to my phone. Literally that thing is my best friend. I need to have it constantly, almost as much as I need to breathe. It is my connection to him and I need any connection however small.

I learned how to forward my instant messenger to my phone. That was a good thing. Granted there is a huge delay and I am not a quick texter....but at least I won't miss him.

I almost missed a call today. I was at work and he called. Thankfully I went on break  like a minute later, so I got to talk to him for about 45 seconds. It was so worth it. Just to hear his voice.

These past few days have been rough on the communication front. He has been that makes things hard. And then yesterday the computer and my phone were being dumb. So I went to T's. She was awesome and let me use her blackberry and her computer. That way I could talk to Jack a bit. 

She did make me go out bowling, but it was a good thing. I needed the distraction. Kate and Brian (my 2nd favorite Hooah) were there to. They definitely took my mind off of things, if only for an hour. We had a great time. Brian gave us all goofy names, Traceynator, MandaPanda, It's Brian Time, just things to make us laugh. It worked.

I can not even tell you how my friends have helped me. This weekend could have been far worse. But between Tracey and Kate and Brian, and Colleen's texts, and Manda's constant words of encouragement, I am going to do this. 

So now for the pictures of the day....

Day 46...

Tracey, Brian, Me and Kate... We had fun..
I am so not a good bowler though... haha

Day 47....
The man and I snuggling...
The only man I am snuggling with till my hero gets home

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

JMS- stay safe my heart. you are my world. Ilu


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Amy said...

CUTE kitty! I love his collar!