Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I spent the weekend in Jacksonville NC with my love. It was amazing! This post is going to be heavy in the pictures....cause well I got lots. hehe...

Day 36 Feb 11th

Had to drop the kitties off.... They went on a vacation to Grandma and Grandpa's

Kobe did not like the drive

Seneca on the other hand...loved it

Day 37 Feb 12th... on our way there

filling up in GA


Jack being all model like...haha.... <3>


Day 38 Feb 13th.... our hotel room and Jack's barracks too!

The "Sergio Room" haha....that was the manager's name...Jack told me it was a ghost...silly Jack

Jack's barracks....

The bottom bunk is his

And I got to see Amy!!!!

Day 39 Feb 14th... Valentines Day.... being all romantic

Onslow Beach

Jack on the beach

Me on the beach... it was cold and getting I am surprised these pictures came out so good!

Had fun writing in the sand...


Day 40 Feb 15th... spending time together

We take great pictures of ourselves... haha

Jack relaxing

Day 41 Feb 16th- snuggles

Day 42 Feb 17th.... Jack at work and saying goodbye :(

Day 43 Feb 18th... the kitties are home!!!

Kobe - clearly already back into his routine

Seneca - being the princess that she is

Day 44 Feb 19th... my car is moto now... haha
The ribbon says "Keep my husband safe"

sure do love my marine...lots and lots

So I know that was a lot of pictures... hehe. Hope you all enjoyed them

Hope everyone has a great day.

JMS - I love you. Stay Safe.


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Amy said...

It was so great to finally meet you!! I'm glad you had a good trip. This deployment will fly by, I promise!!