Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going to NC

So its been a bit. But there are reasons why. Jack came home on leave and I have been spending so much time with him. I love it.

It has been amazing.

And now tomorrow morning I am leaving with Jack to drive up to Jacksonville. I am so excited. We gat to spend that last weekend together before he heads off to Iraq. I am scared for him to be leaving but in a sense I am ready for him to finally get going so that it can get over with.

Deployments are an interesting thing. I think if you have too much time before hand to think about, it makes it worse. But in the opposite sense if you don't have time you will want more time. I think you always want more time. I was talking to a friend the other day and he asked me "would it ever be enough time" I thought about that and realized he was right. It would never be enough time. As much as I want Jack home with me, I know that this is what he wants and needs to be doing.

I saw a saying somewhere and it said, "He risks his life for people he doesnt know, imagine what he would for me." It made me so proud and happy to be his wife. He amazes me everyday.

I am dropping my babies off at my inlaws tonight, so it will be sad that I wont have my kitties tonight, but they are going on vacation too...

Okay on to the promised pictures....... lots of catching up to do.

Day 27. Feb 2nd -  Kobe's Birthday!! Happy 1st Birthday!

Day 28 Feb 3
The For Sale Sign is up

Day 29 Feb 4
playing with the camera

Day 30 Feb 5th
my snuggly man

Day 31 Feb 6
My princess

Day 32 Feb 7th
Jack was home!!!!! Yeah!!! This was taken at Cranes Roost park

Day 33  Feb 8th
Dinner with family

Happy Birthday Julie

Day 34 Feb 9th
Playing around at the movie theater...haha

Day 35 Feb 10th
look...his background on the laptop is the same as mine on the desktop...too sweet... hehe

So now I feel all caught up. whew!
I promise to have lots of pictures when I get back from NC. I will be MIA for a bit....but I will come back with great stuff.
Hope everyone is having a great day.
JMS -  I love you.


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