Sunday, April 10, 2011

Word is out...

So I guess that now word is out. Its time to write about it.

Jack is deploying this summer. Not so excited. Oh and yeah and with him deploying means he is going to miss Baby S's birth. Hopefully he will be home before the baby is 2 months old but who knows.

For the first week after we found out I didn't want to say it aloud. I guess I figured if I didn't say it then it didn't exsist. I know that was silly. But I was doing what I could. Not sure that has really hit me that Jack won't be here when our child enters the world. I know that we will do everything that we can to have him involved and knowing every detail.

Just a heads up... no one will see pictures or know stats of the baby until Jack does. So if its a few days after his/her birth, sorry. I just want Jack to know first.

That all being said I am ready for deployment. I have beat the deployment game once, and I will do it again.

We have a lot going on this week including an appointment to check on the progress of Little Baby S. Jack and I have plans to get a few other things done to. Our main goal is try and figure out our living situation as we have to move out of our 1 bedroom apartment. We think we found an apartment we like, but we still need to go look at it. Oh and cross your fingers because I am one of 2 being considered for my dream job. So hopefully we will find out about that this week too. Busy busy week.

Bring it deployment #2. I am ready for you!! ( I am going to keep telling myself that and hopefully it will be true.)

JMS- so very proud of you. ilu

Hope everyone has a great week.

Amanda and Little Baby S.

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