Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yep... Baby S is going to be grounded when he/she makes his/her appearance in the world. This morning sickness is no joke.

On that topic I want to talk about morning sickness. Who decided to call it morning sickness. It was probably a male doctor or something. Morning sickness for me is not just in the morning. It is an all day sickness, wake up in the middle of the night sickness, gag when you smell anything sickness, terrified to go to the grocery store sickness. Yeah its lots and lots of fun.

The one nice thing is that people have given me all kinds of advice. I have heard everything from tea, to sprite, to sour candy, to crackers, to ask the doctor for medication. Everyone feels the need to remind me that it will be all worth it in the end. I get that. I do. But right now the puking, definitely over it.

The insane naseua started for me at around 6 weeks, 4 almost 5 weeks later.. it's still going strong. I have lost weight and have finally started to gain some of it back. I started this pregnancy at 114 pounds, went down to 108 and now am finally back up at 113. I'll take it I guess.

I will say I have never had a cleaner toliet. My husband is awesome and helps out there. And I have learned where the restrooms are in pretty much every public place we visit. So there are some positives. But Baby S is still grounded. haha.

Hope everyone is doing well!

JMS - ilu!!!

Amanda and Baby S

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