Friday, April 1, 2011

Big News

So the secret is out!!!

We are pregnant!!!!!!!

We couldn't be more excited! And now I can blog again because I don't have to worry about blowing the secret. haha.

Apparently our little one was saluting us. He/she is already a mini Marine. haha.

Anyway just to give everyone a little background as to our story. Jack and I have been married for almost 4 years (in May it will be 4 years). We always knew we wanted kids and started trying pretty much right away.

Unfortunately it did not come as easy for us as we would have liked. Almost 4 years, countless doctor's visits and every trick in the book later we got pregnant in September of 2010. Around that time personal tragedy hit us with the death of a family member and the death of a friend. We were heartbroken. We found out about the pregnancy about 1 week after receiving all that news. God at that time apparently needed another angel because we lost that pregnancy. We were devastated and doctors told us it was normal and okay.

Further appointments with doctors had us questioning if we would ever conceive on our own. Doctors were not hopeful and therefore we were not as well. As painful as it was, we began to accept the fact that we would have to go through alternative routes to have a family.

During this struggle Jack and I learned how blessed we truly are. We had many friends who would listen and just be there with us as we processed the information. We had a dear friend offer to be our surrogate, which of course was beyond touching. We were blessed to be asked to be godparents again. All of these things helped us to get through what we believed was our personal tragedy. We were able to relax and stop worrying about trying.

Apparently that is what we needed. Against all odds and to the amazement of our doctors and us, we are pregnant!! The weekend before Valentine's Day I was feeling especially tired and thought on a whim to take a test. We always have tests in the house so I took it thinking nothing of it. I saw the first test (the + one) and took a picture and sent it to Jack. I told him "looks like another negative" Dumb me was looking at the control line. He replied with "Look again". We were excited but not yet. I took a digital the next morning and the yes popped up right away.

So Valentine's Day I go to the doctor. They do blood work and sure enough we are pregnant. There started the modified bed rest. And the secret keeping. We didn't want to tell anyone right away because we didn't want to have to go through untelling. That is the most painful thing of all. As each day progressed and each day our baby grew more and more, we got more and more excited.

Today we went for a sonogram and saw our baby and heard our baby's heartbeat. His/her heart rate is currently 173! Very active little bug we have there.

The best news of all, our doctor told us the risk of miscarriage is now less than 3%. We are ecstatic!

So now on to growing our little baby and anxiously awaiting October!! Look for more and more blogging!! While... if I can get the morning sickness to go away!

Hope everyone has a great week!!!

JMS- So very excited for our next stage together!!! ilu!!!

Amanda and little baby S

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Emmers said...

Ahhhhh, Amanda I'm seriously SO happy for you! I was actually wondering when you would mention bedrest if it was this :) And I'm SOOOO glad it is! Congrats again!!!