Monday, April 4, 2011

Decisions.. Decisions...

Woah... apparently having a baby involves lots of decisions.

I mean just in the few days Jack and I have been looking into things we tried to make a list of the decisions we would need to make. I wonder why babies don't come with instruction manuals or lists or something. haha

So far in just a few weeks Jack and I have had a lot of things to think about.
First we need to see a perineonatalogist ( I don't even have the slightest idea if I spelled that right). We need to know complete family history and basically the genetcist (which is the short way of describing the specialist). Its partly because of my condition and partly because of some concerns that my doctor has. I think it will be okay. We have done a ton of research and have a lot of questions ready for the doctor.

We then have to figure out things like :

to circumcise or not (we decided to circumcise)
to delay vaccinations or not ( we have decided not to)
to formula feed or breast feed (drs made the decision for me to formula feed... I need to go back on my medications as soon as possible)
to cloth diaper or disposable diaper ( we decided on disposable for the convience of me being on my own a bit... more to come on that later)
what peditrician to use
what to name the baby ( we have a girls name and a first name for a boy..but no middle name)
Who will be the godparents ( almost sure on that one... just have to ask them)
How to decorate a nursery ( think I have an idea.... but really not sure)
Strollers to buy
What crib to get

And all other kinds of things. Its insane the amount of things you need to figure out. Jack and I just wish there was a list somewhere. A cheat sheet of some sorts.

All kinds of stuff to figure out. We have researched like no one's business and continue to do so. This having a baby thing is hard work.

Oh and my child is apparently not in the "mommy shouldn't have morning sickness" camp. Thanks Baby S.

So now comes growing a healthy baby and researching all kinds of kid stuff. Always a fun time.

Hope all is well with everyone!!

JMS - proud of you...ilu

Amanda and little Baby S.

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