Monday, April 11, 2011


So the rest of Jack's unit came home yesterday. It was awesome for the them and their families. I watched the coverage on the news. I thought it was sweet that the news covered the story, but what I was not a fan of was how the newscaster described the guys returning home. She called them soliders. I get it, people don't know the difference. But these men are Marines. They worked hard to obtain that title and they deserve all the respect in the world for it.

There are different branches of the service. Their members are all called different things. Each one works hard to obtain that title and it is important that people render respect to those men and women.

Army = solider
Navy = seaman
Air Force = airmen
Marines = Marine.

I know that not everyone is as familiar with a military lifestyle. But please give some respect to those men and women that fight for us and call them by the right title. My husband is not a solider, he is a Marine. He is not a seaman or an airman, he is Marine. When he is in uniform it clearly states Marines. Please pay attention and don't ask him if he is in the Army. I carry a purse made of my husband's uniform (thank you to and it clearly has Marines on it. I can't not tell you how many people time people ask if my husband is in the Army. Please read. I understand kids asking, they don't know. But adults please please read. It isn't that hard.

There are some general rules in the military that most people don't know. Marines can not leave the base in their cammies unless they are on official business. Army soliders will do not have as much of a restriction. There are little things that maybe people don't understand. That's okay. Just ask. We will answer and if I don't know the answer, I'll tell you and I will ask Jack.

Okay done with my rant for the day. I just want people to render the respect that each member of the service deserves.

JMS - I am so proud of you. ilu


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