Sunday, September 19, 2010

Good Weekend...

So we had a great weekend... it was definitely necessary after the not so great news we had been getting. It was something that definitely helped pick the mood around here.

Let me tell you what happened this weekend.

First friday night Jack and I went to visit his parents. His mom told him about a race the next morning. Jack decided to run in it. Mind you this was 7:00pm on Friday night. Registration for the race started at 6:30am. Jack immeadiately got nervous, complaining that he hadnt eaten right and what not. So we go to Subway get some dinner and head home. Saturday morning we wake up at 5:30, get stuff together and head over to the race. Jack's nerves are still weren't settled. We start looking at the competition. Jack is now nervous because he doesn't have flat shoes and he didn't eat the best.

So the race starts and Jack takes off. He is leading the pack the whole way... and by leading the pack I mean insanely far ahead of the pack. He ends up winning the race, coming in at 17:21, which for Jack he wasn't happy with the time but he won. The second place finisher didn't come in until over 18 minutes. So basically Jack smoked the competition. He almost ran over the pace car, with Shamu in it. haha.

He won a huge trophy, and by huge I mean taller than me, its crazy. It almost didn't fit in the car. Oh and he also won a mani/pedi, which he obvioulsy gave to me. haha.

So then Sunday comes and we find out the cutting scores for motor t. Not going to lie both Jack and I were nervous. Jack has been working for Sgt for quite some time. His cutting score is a 1743. So we started looking and manpower finally listed the scores... to pick up Sgt in Motor T ... the needed cutting score... was ready for it.... ready.... 1728!!! So yes Jack picked up!!!!! So insanely excited for him. He asked me to pin him. I am just so beyond proud. So now I am married to a Sergant!!!!!

So yeah after a tough weekend last weekend... we had a great weekend this weekend. So proud of my husband.

So yeah... thats us this weekend. Hope everyone had a great weekend.

JMS- so incredibly proud of you. ilu