Thursday, October 28, 2010

Back Again

So I am the worst at keeping up with this thing. I need to set a goal, or better yet put it on my to do list. Let me tell you, my to do list is my best friend. I even carry around a notebook with my to do lists in it. I know that makes me slightly odd. haha. What can I say, I like lists.

That being said... I am updating in the form of a list. Awesome right? So consider this a 10 on Thursday.. cause thats what it will be.

1. Bentley will forever wear a cone collar. The dog can not figure out that he should not bite his back leg to the point of bleeding. He also can not figure out that the medicine is there to help. Countless vet visits, tons of money spent on medicines and Bentley is still in the cone. Apparently allergies are getting the best of him, and well the cone is the only thing that stops him from chewing his back leg off. Not to mention its kind of funny watching him maneuver in that thing.

2. We bought a new car.... I know... you are all thinking...again? How many cars do y'all buy. haha. But my husband promises me this is the last car for a while. We bought an 04 Mercedes C230 Supercharged. Its black and already had 22s (yes I am one of those people that is obsessed with rims on her car). Its currently in the shop getting headlights fixed, but that is another story all together.

3. Migraines suck. Thats all for that.

4. Jack and I are dressing up for Halloween!! yeah!! and Bentley too. Bentley will be a football and Jack and I are referees. I am excited about it.

5. Oh almost forgot, I am old now. Yep. My birthday was last week and my husband is amazing. He had flowers sent to me at work. They are beautiful. They smelt really strong though and my officemate had an allergy attack...oops.

6. Well the Mercedes is in the shop, we are a one car family. It makes me appreciate having 2 cars that much more. Thankfully we work at the same building.

7. The grocery store always sucks me in. I went there today for cat food, almost $100 later, I left. I still couldn't tell what all I bought or why.

8. Its still warm in FL, but I am bringing on fall. Its fall and I am wearing my Uggs. That makes me happy. I am okay with people looking at me weird. I like Uggs.

9. Jack is a Sgt now!!! Yeah! I got to pin him at his promotion. Absolutely amazing.

10. Working on 2010 scrapbook already!! Go me!! Only after spending a ton of money at Michaels did I realize that they have a military discount. Going to take advantage of that one in the future.

So that was our quick little update. I know I need to get more on top of this thing. I promise I will. I have some stuff to write about, which I will soon.

Hope everyone is having a good week. Have a safe and Happy Halloween.

JMS- ilu


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